Istinye Park mall 2021 | Istanbul's most Expensive Luxury Mall

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Istinye park mall is located in the area of Sariyer, it is considered one of istanbul's most expensive luxury malls, most brand in it are high class international brands, so since my olivium outlet mall video was performing well, I decided to show you guys this one!

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Istinye park mall location :

00:00 Intro
01:32 National Geographic Clothes shop
02:09 Shared Area of Mall with many Brands
04:07 Lacoste Shop and Prices
04:50 Emporio Armani
05:57 Under Armour
07:30 Game Arcade inside the mall
08:01 Istinye Pazari
09:23 Istinye park Mall Food court
10:17 Luxury Cars of Istinye Park mall
10:45 Rolex shop
11:36 outro

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💬 Comments

Great undercover job! 🔥 Definitely a nice mall to visit!

Author — Traveling Solo Logs


My two favourite words in Turkish are: Indirim and kahvalti.. ☺☺☺

Author — Adriana S.S.


Super Nice Mall🔥. Awesome Video. ( Not Bad for a 6ft 2in.guy with a gimbal 🤣🤣)👌. Thank you for showing us around.☘✌.

Author — levina walsh


That mall is soooo beautiful! We have never been! I guess now we will have to go
You are taller than 6'2", Lieles is 6'1" and you are way taller than him. At least you didn't go there with us, a black man wearing shorts and a T-shirt walking with you hahahah. No way to go incognito like that hahaha

Author — The Mamuchos


MashAllah nice video 👍🏼
What phone you are using for vlogging ?

Author — Hamza Altaf


3100 tl is a month rent!! We don't buy clothes or anything like that any longer so we get scared with prices easily hahaha
That Storks jewelry store makes us laugh, why is it called storks? aren't storks the ones "that brings the babies" So if you get a piece of jewelry, you also get a baby? I know we are silly, but that was a whole conversation we once had lol

Author — The Mamuchos


عاش رفاعي باشا الافندي فيديو " شي حلو شي مرتب "
صار لازم نعمل فيديو عن خط ترام علي بيه كوي - إيمنونو T5 يلي رح يكون بأهمية ترام باغجلار - كاباتاش
و بمر على كتير محطات مهمة للسائح منها بلاط و فنار وصولاً لأيوب سلطان و التلفريك
و الجميل بمر على طول ساحل القرن الذهبي لكن للأسف بعد ما وصل لإيمنونو ببلش من محطة جيبالي
لازم يكون متل هالفيديو

Author — abo arabe


We haven't gotten McDonald's in Turkey yet, how is it?
Those are some nice cars there.
We both love watches but that is a lot of money, you can buy a few apartments with that money (In Turkey of course, in NY we can only buy a room with that...not even lol)

Author — The Mamuchos


Trillions like and best comment for you because you are best on Earth and follower respect you, we need videos in Real 120fps or 240fps 8K and Sound in FullHD Surrounded 3D

Author — Luxury VIP Lifestyle


They should call it sell your kidney mall🥲

Author — malek bar


well if you your debit card is with euro or USD then i would be easy to shop there

Author — Beyond The Stars