Transformers 5 - Character Predictions #4

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Hey guys, what’s up?

Blurr, Bludgeon, Blakcarachnia, a resurrected Lockdown? Which characters have the best chances of showing up for the next live action Transformers film, and how would they be brought into the story.

The thoughts in this video are primary opinion based – either upon fan speculations or my personal thoughts. Though I will try to include any factual information in regards to the characters’ appearances or lack thereof this video is predominantly made for fun.

Resurrected Lockdown
Entirely New Characters
Returning Autobots

Colin Roe: i know you only choose two from every person suggestion but here is my top new characters to join tf5
and yes i would Ultra-Magnus, Red-Alert, Cyclonus, Blitzwing, Lockdown [rebuilt by the creators]

Xilent Stryker: Do you think Blurr or a new live action film character will be introuduced in TF5, for example mudflap or brains who were never in any other continuity.

KiaoTV: Q&A Dingo, do you think Blurr has a chance of being in Transformers 5, because he is my favorite Autobot??

Big Daddy Reviews: what about blugeon appearing in transformers 5 what you think ?

Michael Rosenblatt: Bro can you Heres my Quiston So Do you think rachet and Sideswipe will apear because almost ALL Of the autobots just disapired like what

Jordan Swift: do u think blackaraknia could be in any of the transformers movies if so would she be a decepticon because she was a autobot ? btw great video👍🏾👍🏾

This is my fourth Transformers 5 Character Predictions video, and there are numerous other characters discussed in my previous three. In future videos I won’t be covering characters that I have already covered, so here are links to the previous videos along with the characters mentioned in each:

Ultra Magnus, Trypticon, Rodimus, Cliffjumper, Astrotrain, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Cyclonus, Scourge, Goldbug

Scoop, Fortress Maximus, Blitzwing, Warpath, Trailbreaker, Arcee, Brawn, Omega Supreme, Ratbat, Sky Lynx

Override, Red Alert, Starscream, Combaticons, Crumplezone, Backstop, Predacons

If you would like to hear discussion and predictions for a character from Transformers history’s appearance in Transformers 5 or the future films than drop off your suggestion in the comments section below. Also, feel free to discuss any of the characters that were covered in this video along with any news on potential appearances in the upcoming BayFormers films.


If you guys enjoyed this video than stay tuned for more TF5 Character Predictions in the future. Thanks for watching and have a good one.

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my next two would be on the characters predictions video would be
1: Prowl
2: Insecticons

Author — Colin Roe


i was telling my top characters for the movie i will be making my next predictions soon

Author — Colin Roe


I almost laugh every time it echoes a lot for some reason

Author — DapperShinx


do you think we could see another combiner in tf5 like devastator in tf2?

Author — Giggles the Clown


Awesome video and food for thought Sir!!! While watching an idea formed in my mush for brainss. With the focus of the new toyline being on head masters would it be possible to actually have head masters in TF5? Now I'm not saying that they swing for the fences and go all Brave Max and Scorpiknock. But that would be amazing. Anyway I think that would be amazing but id settle for Chromedome vs Weird Wolf. So what our your thoughts on this topic?

Author — Toy Man 1976


07:13 Digging the comic book inspired fan art of Blurr.

Author — Autobot Ironhide


Will Stinger become Cliffjumper if he comes back?

Author — SixTuber Productions


how do you feel about about Soundblaster, Scourge and Cyclonus appearing in TF5 yes if it happens it will be homage G1 headmaster cartoon series and your welcome for the suggestion.

Author — Colin Roe


will nova prime appear in the transformers films what you are your thoughts ?

Author — Big Daddy Reviews


Every autobot and decepticon is gonna be in Tf5 lol but seriously though is this possible?

Author — Petethehobbit


What about ruanation could be brought in for the autobots

Author — A dead channel 2015 - 2017 R.I.P


Lockdowns from animated and yet he appeared in the films so maybe blackarachnia could I know the films are over but if they were to continue somehow black arachnia could be there

Author — Lego Art boy


blurr will be in transformers 5 yes i compose that

Author — Margaret Hogan


Will unicorn and megaton be in transformers 5

Author — theeba gnaneswaran


bludgeon is deadlocks master so yeah when drift was deadlock, bludgeon was deadlock's master

Author — Colin Roe


do you think Predaking, blaster, swerve and the protectbots will be in Tf5?

Author — Astro Gaming


I'd like you to talk about jazz and sideswipe's team because there are a really cool team and in the comics jazz does get hurt really bad by Megatron but ratchet was able to save him and jazz gets a new paint job and all they have to do is give ratchet a new spark also sideswipe was never prounced dead. thanks

Author — Dubs TV


Um. How come you didn't include Nova Prime?

Author — Transforming Normality


i think maybe the humans will make seekers from star star scream's corpse

Author — Damon Baker


Do you think that Windblade, Octane, and Soundwave resurrected as Soundblaster will appear in Transformers 5.

Author — Ben O