Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 5

Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That's unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

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💬 Comments on the video

The more I learn about the american election system, the more baffled I become.

Author — NotARealMuffin


Am from Africa, i think this is best show in the world... I never knew i can learn this much from a comedian

Author — Arthur Donnietello


3:19 “...Broken politics can be pretty rough... but that move was gangsta.” -Rep. Hakeem Jefferies -legit

Author — Shawn Wesson


"Donald's Trump's tweets will be a threat to our democracy"

Me: *chuckles nervously in October 2020*

Author — Kate Cruz


Michigan overwhelmingly passed Prop 1 to end Gerrymandering. Betsy DeVos spent several million dollars of her own cash to fight the proposal. It was a win win. Her effort failed and it cost her a buttload of cash.

Author — Bubba Ho-tep


There’s a game called gerrymander on iOS and it’s a puzzle game where you’re given groups of red and blue people and you have to make the minority vote win by drawing districts. You can win anything up to 3:1.

Author — Ethan Hess


Why divide districts at all? In the Netherlands we just count the votes and divide it between seats of parliament. It's the fairest system

Author — Guinness


USA= one of the least democratic democracies.

Author — Adelaide Foster


I like how John Oliver doesn't always talk only about Trump like other talk show hosts do. He focuses on other topics that are interesting, but don't have as much exposure.

Author — Hammad Ali


The voters don't pick their Representatives. ....
Representatives pick their

USA. ...the most corrupt government in the world that you never hear is corrupt....

Author — Nick G


It's sad when a British man is more American proud sounding than an American

Author — Chiaro Di


So can we all agree that there should be a federal law against Gerrymandering?

Author — Joshua Graham


As an American:

We are not a democracy or a republic;

Anyone who studies American politics will be able to tell you that we are an oligarchy.

Author — Matt James


Everybody’s vote should count equally huh? Talk to Electoral College about that!

Author — yidingcao


I'm still kinda puzzled by the idea of having just two political parties... I mean who do you vote for if you don't like neither of them?

Author — Martin Procházka


I have a radical idea: whatever percentage of people who vote for someone get that percentage!

Author — Sam


"A map that churns out republicans like Ann Romney" is a joke that still lands in 2020 lol

Author — John Patton


"So how do you know whether your district was gerrymandered?"

I live in North Carolina. That's how.

Author — Julia Adney


This is why I'm glad that in Canada, at least for federal and provincial elections, voter districts are drawn by a nonpartisan independent organization

Author — Kyle Baryonyx


''Politics can be rough, but that move was gangstah.'' I love him.

Author — Fca Fanati