Roast Charlie Sheen - Amy Schumer

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Roast Charlie Sheen - Amy Schumer 4
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I don't think Steve-o was feeling that joke

Author — layla


Steve-o Charlie sheen and mike Tyson in the same room. Drug dealers made some money that day

Author — Silenciobob


Steve o "joke" was totally wrong.
I was shocked.

Author — Blueygirl x


That Steve O part wasn’t really necessary.

Author — Xiaolong Liu


First time I see her ... now I understand why everybody hates her.

Author — Jorge Ruiz de Somocurcio


i was laughing harder at mike tysons reaction than amy schumers jokes

Author — Bryan lastname


"Your friend died and it would be better if you died"
A joke ?
Even the whole audience didn't take it as a joke.

Author — Bumble - Bee


I feel like mikes fake laughing was passive aggressive and he was making fun of how unfunny Amy is

Author — Adolf Dripler


I know it's popular to hate Amy Schumer, but this was a brilliant set.

Author — Van Houten


Holy shit, I actually feel bad for Steve O

Author — Ian Sorola


Literally scared that tyson would snap!! She went hard

Author — Miraj Kayastha


Steve-O laughs at literally everything so when I saw his reaction at that joke I straight faced immediately

Author — Noah Fowler


It’s not that her jokes aren’t funny, her delivery and her voice are just annoying
Also that Steve-O joke was completely tasteless

Author — Wolfgang Trixl


I hate her as a person and comic, but dayum she is made to do this shit. She had my boy Patrice twisted.

Author — Pochonesian


Patrice Oneal died 2 months after this. That's messed up.

Author — Jim Beam

Author whose jokes did she steal for this set?

Author — JABoyle3875


I love how she basically gets no reaction that was positive other then Tyson who was high af

Author — Icaruspotion


If STEVE O wasnt laughing you know it wasnt funny

Author — Dizzi


Not a fan of Amy Schumer, but I'm not going to pretend she didn't do a good job roasting. As for the Steve-o part, I'm of the mind that it's open season when it comes to comedy and there shouldn't be filters. Doesn't bother me that she said it, but it wasn't funny.

Author — Manbearpig


Rip the legend she had my boy Patrice O’Neal in his feelings 😂🤣😂

Author — Fred Hampton