Roast Charlie Sheen - Amy Schumer

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Roast Charlie Sheen - Amy Schumer 4

A volta de Charlie Sheen à TV depois de todos os problemas gerados em Two and a Half Men aconteceu em forma de piada, no especial intitulado The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. O programa, que reuniu comediantes e personalidades para tirar sarro do ator
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I don't think Steve-o was feeling that joke

Author — layla


Just imagine if anybody roasted Tyson in his Prime..

Author — Lalindra Siriwardane


“Your friend died, you should’ve died instead”

How is that even considered a joke to her?

Author — Brendan Adams


Mike tyson’s laughing was funnier than amy’s whole act

Author — Epic Libtardian


Mike Tyson is a saint for laughing at those unbelievably unfunny jokes while everyone else was staring in total confusion

Author — glossyplane542


What kind of joke is “I wish you were dead rather than your friend” WTF

Author — Radio Roulette


It’s not that her jokes aren’t funny, her delivery and her voice are just annoying
Also that Steve-O joke was completely tasteless

Author — Mr. Path


Only laughed at Amy’s jokes cuz Mike was laughing.

Author — Uncle Chael


look at every single thing Steve-os ever posted, made, or done, You'll never see him make that face.
amy shumer is truly the worst human in the world

Author — Diego Piedmont


This is heartbreaking to watch. I feel bad for Steve O. I wish him for the best.

Author — William Mims


Patrice almost pulled the strap after that grandma joke lol

Author — MrCk1234567890


Her delivery is just so bad. Her voice sounds like she thinks she’s so much better than them.

Author — Noah.26


Everybody’s talking about the steve-o joke but nobodies talking about the joke where she said his mom left him.

Author — HYBREAD


Mike is really bad at pretending that it really makes him laugh. In one on one situation he propably would knock her out for that.

Author — Arminiusz Mazowszanin


So awkward to watch someone thinking they are funny.

Author — Darren Evans


Steve-O laughs at literally everything so when I saw his reaction at that joke I straight faced immediately

Author — Noah Fowler


I wonder how many jokes she stole from other comedians for that bit.

Author — Mitch Duros


I’ve Always said there’s no such thing as going too far in these roasts. Than Amy Schumer came on

Author — Jack Ciraolo


Mike Tyson's reactions to the roasts seemed so forced and over the top.

Author — mank


3:55 thank you Mike you spoke on behalf of us

Author — frstenpz