SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE SECRET WEAPON (Full Movie) - Basil Rathbone - Nigel Bruce - TCC AI Color

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AWARD WINNING MOVIE. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson must protect a Swiss inventor of an advanced bomb sight from falling into German hands.

Basil Rathbone
Nigel Bruce
Lionel Atwill
Kaaren Verne
William Post

The Secret Weapon (1942) - Now in Color via TCC AI - Timeless Classics
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Author — TCC - Timeless Classics Now in Color


78 years old this film, yet still worth every minute of a watch. Thanks for sharing.

Author — John Bacon


I loved Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, and his cycle (cut short prematurely by a heart attack) were faithful adaptations of the Arthur Conan Doyle series, but Basil Rathbone's rendition was ALWAYS my favorite as a kid, no matter how much they departed from the source material. These adaptations were exploratory modernizations, and well crafted pieces of art. Long live the AI overlords if they did the colorizations, but they could never pump up the performances depicted here.

Author — Juan Crespo


I love Holmes and Watson’s love for England. And it’s so interesting to see the details of the rooms and settings with the color. Like watching a whole new movie.

Author — Boo Boo


The colourisation isn't too bad, it isn't too perfect so it kind of gives a vintage look to the film, otherwise it would look too modern. As always, great composition, framing, cinematography, editing and sound design.

Author — Film & TV


I used to love these as a boy. They showed them late on a Friday night in 1978. I got so scared as I was about 10 years old. My dad and mum would stay up with me. So beautiful to see this in colour. Happy days

Author — Roland Rothwell


I am in heaven seeing my Sherlock Holmes favorites in color. Thank you.

Author — Doug Tagg


When Nigel Bruce passed away, the producers had another Dr Watson lined up but Basil Rathbone declined to continue as Sherlock Holmes saying that “There was only one Dr Watson, that was Nigel Bruce.”

Author — Cliff Truesdell


I like to see things in the color we normally see them in. As far as Sherlock Holmes, written by a genius, and based on a real need to watch any other crime/detective/mystery the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, it's elementary !!!

Author — ITILII


An excellent film and really good colourisation, well done and thanks for this upload.

Author — Ednam Mansfield


basil rathbone has got to be the best actor to play sherlock. just love his style.his side kick, i'll admit is somewhat of a dolt but he still the best man to play dr. watson. all their movies i have watched over the yrs. havbe been worth while watching, as i do it over and over. thumbs up all the way.

Author — brian rogers


Sir Basil rarhbone one of top five greatest actors in history

Author — John Doe


This is my second colorized one I have watched, and it is still amazing. The clarity, detail and depth of field makes the people come alive, the look goes from 2D to 3D, and it makes it a whole different film. I can see the detail to the sets, the texture, they did not live in a world of 2 colors back then. Great work, love it,

Author — Dr. Shane Kush


Benedict Cumberbatch who portrayed the BBC series of "Sherlock" gave praise to Basil Rathbone as the best to portray on film.

Author — Larry


Watching these films, I have to remind myself that the outcome of the war was unknown when they were made.

Author — alasdair niven


Its marvelous to see these old movies in color, they are so much more watchable and bring them closer to our time!Woody Allan called the coloring of these old films as "sinful" back in 1987.I cannot for the life of me understand why?They are so much more vibrant and it breathes new life into them.Anyway Woody can watch them in B & W if he wants.Thanks so much TCC & keep up the great work!!

Author — Jason West


Impresive, I have never seen these movies before. They are works of art.

Author — Nicholas McDonnell


As far as colorization goes, I believe you did a Fine job, Congratulations!

Author — Bruce F. Card


I’m enjoying these films in colour, seem to take in more detail of the surroundings.

Author — Maxine Jacobson


I actually love seeing Sherlock Holmes mysteries in black-n-white...

Author — Deana From Chicago