Ash from Taal volcano turns crops gray in the Philippines

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Ash from Taal volcano turns crops gray in the Philippines 4.5

This farmer in the Philippines woke up to gray pineapples after the Taal volcano spewed ash and lava into the sky earlier this week. "We just have to accept that we will incur a loss," he said.

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That fertile soil they got is there because of volcanoes

Author — TheDesert IsPatient


Let's pray for Taal victims. Keep safe

Author — RiGen's Network


That gone for Tall Volcano eruption were held in Batangas, Philippines and now was erupted since June 1991 Mount Pinatubo Eruption in Central Luzon.

Author — Mister Randele Alcoran Arcilla


Lord God have mercy on the Philippine people! Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us!

Author — MIVR


Volcano eruption, fires in Australia. Amazon forest was in fire. Norte Dame destroyed. War drones. The flu is worse this year. Don’t sound like it will get any better.

Author — Charel Trihart


Lol wait you mean if i live next to a volcano then i cant have a farm woooow

Author — drink


Good for the crops. Next year even better,

Author — Stephen


The End of the World is upon us. Pray pray pray

Author — TheIxtlan


Just put a little water on them they be alright

Author — fourty7


If they only had a "virgen" to throw in "Ol Taal".

Author — Hank Terreros