How To Create A Wordpress Website 2019 | Divi Theme Tutorial

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In this tutorial I show you how to make an amazing website using the Divi theme and page builder! I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before! Divi came with a recent update that enables you to make websites even faster! I will cover that in this tutorial!

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00:00:00 Introduction and Demo Website Tour
00:12:45 Getting Fastest Cloud Web Hosting
00:25:23 Installing WordPress
00:30:49 Installing Divi Theme
00:37:08 WordPress Basic Settings
00:38:05 Creating Home Page
00:39:11 Home Section 1 - Hero Section
00:57:05 Making Website Mobile Friendly
00:59:11 Home Section 2 - Services Section
01:16:23 Home Section 3 - About Section
01:25:26 Home Section 4 - Our Customers Section
01:29:10 Last Section on Home Page - Contact Section
01:38:40 Making Everything Mobile Friendly
01:39:53 Adding Animations
01:42:27 Creating About Us Page 1st Section - Header Section
01:47:20 About Us Page 2nd Section - Services Offered
01:51:37 About Us Page 3rd Section - MailChimp Newsletter
01:57:22 About Us Page 4th Section - Our Team Section
02:00:20 Creating Contact Page
02:06:45 Building Portfolio Page
02:11:31 Header,Footer, Logo & Menu

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That was a very sophisticated and systematic tutorial. I loved it and got to know the use of all the elements properly.
Thankyou for this tutorial.
Made with ❤️

Author — Kishan Chourasiya


Many thanks! This is a great tutorial. Much simpler and easier to follow.

Author — beth montes


Hi Nayyar...your videos are detailed and awesome...IMO these pagebuilders(divi..elementor) are cool but adds lot of bloat....with gutenberg here and its getting better daybyday....expecting more tutorils on that from you...thankyou...

Author — Alan Gautham


Thank You for the video. Can I use this theme for multiple domain?

Author — Biswajit Paul


Thanks for making this amazing divi theme tutorial. Please make one tutorial on how to choose image size for website.

Author — Trending Gadgets


How to add sliders (for images) and the sliding bar?

Author — Mr. Imran


Thank you. You're one of the best intructor on Youtube.
Please create a video about E-commerce website in 2019 by using Premium Theme

Author — khan printers


Hi Nayyar, Dude if we add even a single line in the call to action text under our services, text box size will be out of shape. How to keep box size fix in that case? For Ex. If we add more lorem text in the email marketing call to action, it will be bigger than other boxes. How to avoid it?

Author — Tarun Aggarwal


Good and clear voice. I really enjoy your all videos. This video was more helpful to me. Thanks for making this type of video

Author — Code And Tech


Which Plugin You Use For Link Clocking ? TA or manually ??

Author — Ali Akkas Khan


Sir please create an ecommerce site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php and mysql with slider as well as carousel of products

Author — Muhammad Saifullah


Thank you. You're the best intructor on Youtube. I'm making money thanks to your video.

Author — anonymous


bro ur tutorials are really
I have a question, how can a subcategory be placed under different parent categories showing products according to both categories.
like tshirts subcategory is for men and women
If i want to place men, women, category in menu
then showing all such subcategories under the three main categories but it should show tshirts of men when i click men in menu, and tshirts of women menu using mega menu

Author — D Movie Club


Best Divi tutorial on youtube. Thanks!

Author — Inteliconn


Hey there, what is your favourite Wordpress page builder ? I work with a few still my favourite is generally Oxygen.
Thanks for your effort in this video production - excellent stuff!!

Author — AJM Web Services


Thanx a lot for your video... when u make things mobile friendly in Divi it looks great but on the flipside it doesn't look good across all screen sizes... website made in Divi doesn't look good on theme customeizer Mobile screen size

Author — Shriraam Karthikeyan


Greeting sir
I am using divi theme and trying to make website on xampp with predefined layout from the library but when i exit the visual builder, the design is vanished.

Author — Video Flocks


Can you build an Amazon affiliate site with Divi or is it just blog style sites. I have not seen anyone using it for Amazon affiliate site even though it appears to be very flexible?!

Author — Deacon Blues


In one of Ur video u recommended siteground for hosting purpose but in this video u r recommending this cloud based hosting. Plz explain to wash my confusion

Author — Fahim Qaisar


Your video helps me a lot . Thank you so much .

Author — S M Shazidur Rahman