2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Destination: Deep Space Game Animation

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It's definitely different, but the competition itself looks challenging and fun. I think the focus on autonomy and alignment is an interesting change of pace- should encourage us to think about traditional FIRST problems a little bit differently!

That said, I'm a little disappointed in the apparent lack of cross-alliance interaction. Last year was a really great example of this- it was fun, exciting, and strategically advantageous to travel to the other side of the field and try to capture the opposing alliance's switch and resources. Deep Space doesn't look crazy conducive to that so far, but who knows.

I'm really excited for the 2019 season and despite the changes, I think we're going to have fun with this one. Good luck, guys.

Author — elizabeth


Wish I could participate in this one, but I'm in college now. Sounds fun. Good luck, teams!

Author — Evan [REDACTED]


I think it would be a little more interesting if the sandstorm would appear at random times throughout the game excluding the end game period, this would probably force teams to make their robots more autonomous and make it more competitive

Author — Elocore


I'm really mad this wasn't the game when I was in FRC. This looks amazing

Author — A rose full of thorns


Honestly if someone decided to build a replica of the robots in these vids that would be hilarious and dope 🤣🤣make my heart happy 🤪🤪🤪🤪

Author — Apoc Brawl Stars


Okay, this is E.P.I.C. (Robotz)

In all seriousness, this new game seems a bit underwhelming to me. The sandstorm is an interesting feature, but I think it's implementation would be better if it was a random event. It would also be interesting if all driver contact to the robot would be cut out during the event, requiring on-the-fly auto control. As it currently stands, it just seems to serve to remove the auto component of the game, as I expect most teams will rely on cameras and teleop.

Author — Doug Rattmann


"Back in my day" 2008 they didn't allow human interacted vision systems during the autonomous phase. Most teams just ignored or scripted their autonomous actions (drive forward 2 seconds, turn left 2 seconds), so a lot of the autonomous periods were boring or predictable. The code I wrote was done in about 30 minutes and just meant to blindly crash into "smarter" robots to screw up their automation.

Author — someusername121


was last year's competition thought to have too much competitive contact? This challenge pretty much ignores the existence of the competing alliance. You dont enter the opposition's zone or fight over resources or territory.

Author — BradiKal61


Hype!!!, Good luck to all the team's. Go team 181!!!!

Author — Kiro Lothric


Hmmm, interesting that first 15 seconds can be controlled

Author — Unigardy


The players they used in the animation look like they're from Tron!

Author — Johnny 101


I bet if there was a sandstorm the robot would be broken and the camera would be unusable

Author — L3thal


Team 4838 will take the game by storm this year!!
Let's go!!!

Author — Joy Watson


Anyone think that the sandstorm mechanic should happen at a random point during the match at any point before endgame?

Author — Nate Cordova


it looks like scientists are stuck for a while now and need young bright minds to solve some serious space issues which prevents us to go there

Author — H0pH0p


Thank you for not making the game have any similarity to lunacy

Author — Chris Levasseur


Ok as a FIRST alumni from team 1001 Brush Robotics I can tell you why FIRST will NEVER have water as an element in their games...(well a few reasons)

1- The field. The 54 x 26 foot field is honestly to small to hold water. FIRST would have to completely redesign the field to be able to hold water. The cost of that would be very high. You have to remember these field have been used & reused since 05. (That’s the last time the field size changed)

2- the complexity of water proofing robots. You have to remember FIRST is geared for grades 9-12. Kids in 9th grade don’t know sht about robotics. So expecting them to design & build a completely water proof robot in 8 week is really insane. That leads to #3.

3- unfair advantage to seasoned teams. Teams that have been with FIRST for 15-20 & same 25 years have so many more resources then rookie teams. To be able to keep growing the number of teams the games have to be able to be competitive for seasoned teams & rookies. (I will say that personally this years game is outrageously boring AS FCK!) I swear FIRST put more time in the design of the space ships then the objective of the game. I feel like they completely over thought the use of technology on the field as well. It seems like in the last few years the fields have been more about technology then making the games interesting to play & watch. I was in the FRC 05 - 08. I truly think the games back then were way more complex (as far as the game strategy) & the fields were designed to be more competitive as far as head to head competition. Now it’s basically staying on one side. There’s not really any defense. I mean take 07 “rack and role” the beast was insane! 6 robots fight to put donuts on a moving rack. It was so difficult. This year the hardest part (& I’m saying that very lightly) is the flat disks. Seasoned teams took less then an hour to design the ball shooter. That’s bread & butter by now.

4- liability. Because these robots are not built by professionals who have studied water dynamics the likelihood of teams not actually having a water proof robot would be incredibly high. (I would think) I’ve seen teams literally build robots out of plywood & be destroyed in competition. & so the likelihood of electrocution I would imagine would be very high. So FIRST can’t risk having kids electrocute themselves. I don’t think that would go over very well in there quarterly news letter...how many kids got electrocuted lol.

So for these reasons FIRST WILL NEVER HAVE WATER! when I was in FIRST I absolutely wanted water too. But I honestly can’t imagine how they could have a field that could hold water, be able to be broken down & not cost a sht load of money. Sorry y’all.

Hope this helps. I know it sucks to hear but it’s just reality. Hope y’all robots are coming along & REMEMBER.... FCK YOUR GRADES DURING ROBOTICS SEASON! The # 1 rule I made! I had an average of 3.9 but from January- end of February I went down to 2.8. (All 4 years. Same sht every year) it drove my parents absolutely nuts!!! I still graduated with a 3.8. So don’t listen to your parents when they say you need to do your homework or your going to fail & have to retake your classes. I mean don’t get an F but B &C will work just fine for 8 weeks 🤫🤐👌.

Author — D_ Journey


where can I get one of them robot things to help do chores around the house??

Author — Tom Kobinsky


This reminds me of another game I can’t remember which one though

Author — Avery Lipscomb


FIRST makes the rocket = 1 ranking point... 254 makes full auton robot... 😂

Author — Heroix