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They don't make 'em like they used to. I'm test a bunch of vintage kitchen tools to see if they really work. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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I love how everything was metal. Now everything's plastic.

Author — Kiji Art


Thanks for letting me know I am officially OLD now; I knew what those gadgets were! Concerning the lemon press... Did you know that from the mid-1800s well into the early 20th century, serving tea was nearly an art form? It was as much about class and status as the tea itself. So fancy gadgets designed to, say, keep your well-heeled guests from squirting acidic citrus juice into their eyes or staining their gloves or dresses showed even more class and panache. Just a fun fact! And you have the nicest smile!

Author — Mawarah FKA Tara H.


What's so impressive is these tools are all very old and still work perfectly. They were made during a time when quality trumped Today I believe things are made with the intent for them to be easily broken and disposable.

Author — kevseb66


I would absolutely buy and use the genie lamp juicer.

Author — FrancesBaconandEggs


"This one looks pretty self-explanatory"
Me: "Yup! It's for cracking crab claws"'s a jar opener

Author — J-T


Aww that made my heart so soft ❤

Author — Aza Smith


You are holding the cheese slicer incorrectly. Hold it horizontally. The tines help measure the thickness of the slice and keep it uniform.

Author — madigan1323


You need a legit show. Your demeanor and voice are so lovely.

Author — Redheaded Stranger


the orange juicer you twist it in til you hit the threads then pull out the core you made then the juice should flow out better

Author — Doug Williams


her voice would be perfect for childrens books

Author — 7saany


"So I put together a little pie..."

What magic is this!?

Author — TheAceOfFIre


I love that little lemon wedge juicer. It's so cute and works beautifully.

Author — CherryCherry Five


The first gadget is actually for folding in egg whites. My grandma most often used one to make angel food cake.

Author — Jett Gamer


If you roll the oranges before it makes the juicing a lot easier! ☺️

Author — Josh Rankin


if you draw the pie crust crimper the other way, it will slice off the extra dough as it crimps...

Author — Thomas McGinnis


Emmy: This one is pretty self explanatory...
Me: Is it a nut cracker?
Emmy: It is a jar opener. :D

Author — 7astlivkA


I really enjoy hunting for vintage Gadgets because some of them are so hilarious and funny ...and I kept smiling at all of these really unique pieces as somebody had taken lots of time in thinking them up . And all of them worked really well so we can say that they were successful. I like the bottle opener and the egg whisk very much. Thank you for this video.

My grandmother bought that juicer in 1953 in England when things were made of orange coloured Bakelite and not lethal plastic.
60 years later during one of my annual visits there I was .'inspecting ' her kitchen chests to see which things I could "borrow accidentally on purpose..." grandma what did you use that for you really use it now "and so on and so forth... until she got really exasperated and would say, I don't use it, take it!

These ruthless steps had to be taken because I knew that if I did not get these vintage items in my hand some other light fingered relative who would not appreciate their value would just walk away with them and never use them ever ever ever again.

I think my Instinct was working overtime here because this was the only piece of Vintage stuff from her chest of drawers ""rescued by me because the next time I went to her place, she was dead aged 96 the whole kitchen had been cleaned out including her priceless wedgewood crockery and Limoges collection...nobody knows where it is and others are not telling... it happens in the best of families!
Regardless of whatever we think that we have all the time in the world and we will say something or do something next time it doesn't happen that way...

Author — D Js


I watched my grandmother use the egg whisk in her kitchen when I was a child. She didn't use it in a bowl, however. After frying the bacon, she would add the eggs to the hot skillet, then a little milk and seasoning. She then whisk it continuously until the eggs were fluffy. I remember her scrambled eggs were always so light and airy.

Author — Donald Conrad


Love the ole Timey tools. You can see the fact that it is still here is really something. How long do you think any thing made today would last? See everything works perfectly.

Author — Roberta Lee


If you microwave the lemon before juicing you get twice as much juice. The juicer would be great for pancake day in uk

Author — Tracy Cook