Serbia 🇷🇸 - Italy 🇮🇹 | Round of 16 | Game Highlights - FIBA #EuroBasket 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

Enjoy the highlights of the Round of 16 game between Serbia and Italy from the FIBA #EuroBasket 2022 - Round of 16!

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Im italian and i have to say it while reading these comments: HUGE respect to those serbians supporters, even if they were one of the favourites but lost the game.. theres no hate at all in those comments, we have to learn from you! 🇮🇹♥️🇷🇸

Author — Davide Craighero


We are not as strong as Serbia, but we played with heart every second.
We deserved it 🇮🇹

Author — Yoshi


Italy has gone beyond infinite. What a team!!! And Fontecchio guys... What a player!!!!

Author — dunkslam89


Absolutely incredible, I couldn't believe the tables were turning. We are through to the quarter-finals! 🇮🇹 💙
Hats off to Србија. 🇷🇸

Author — Vylkeer


Italians always coming with soul in the sports. Such a lovely match, even though I was not impressed with the performance of my team. Huge respect to Italy 🇮🇹. 🇷🇸👍

Author — Skullan


This is the most painful defeat since Argentina with Scola beat us. Huge respect for Italians, they fought like their life is depending on that game. So good defense, very good 3p decided the game and Serbian lack of motivation and energy for some reason.. Very disappointed, this is a shock for the whole country.
We were missing Bogdan Bogdanovic big time! Jokic could not do it with just a bit help of Micic. And also Nedovic got injured in the middle of the tournament. We will come stronger next time, good luck to all countries, it is an entertaining tournament, let the best win but I will root for the Italians till the end. Their players were playing this game with such passion and fight, also their coach bought me with his tears (maybe those tears gave players extra motivation), I even told my buddy I feel so bad for him I kinda wanna cheer for Italy.
Greetings from Serbia!

Author — Djoga100


Best game and "upset" of the tournament, huge respect to both teams! 🇮🇹🇷🇸👏🏻👏🏻 And a big congratulations to Italy for their soul devotion into winning against what could have been, one of the strongest teams to ever win a medal! 🇮🇹❤

Author — Pikos Apikos


As a Greek I am still shocked with Italians' passion! What a game!!
I was sure that Serbia would have been at least in top 4 positions but Melli and Spissu from Italy stoped the great Serbian team....
Congratulations Italy 👏👏👏

Author — Κωνσταντίνος Κ.


Italy always had the talent. What lacked the last decade was passion. Since they got that, they can beat anyone. Except Greece of course, because I'm Greek

Author — TMPOUZI


Coming from Serbia, this is a crushing loss, my soul hurts, we expected much from this team, but we are all human and make mistakes:) Big respect for Italy and good luck further in the tournament:) Also big respect for Serbian team, losses happen, such is life

Author — nightwish15


Italy was amazing..., fearless and full of confidence!

Author — Lena 51


That was unexpected.Italalians played a great game and they were very passionate.Serbians didn't play good defense.They seemed tired and also after the second half they were kind of lost.

Author — Eirini


Italy played an incredible game. They totally deserved the win. To be honest I didn't see that coming. I think nobody did except, maybe, the Italians. Italian soul 💪🏻
Congratulations 👏

Author — Bean Diesel


Serbia was the favourite in this match but Italy with passion and soul manage to take a huge win. Congratulations Italy and good luck in the next games. Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

Author — Diablo16GR


RESPECT ITALY! You really deserve it!
Hope you win gold 🤞

Author — Serbian Empire


The day after: I can't still believe it! Probably the best match in the history of the Italbasket! 🇮🇹🔥 Thanks to all the Serbs fans for their sportmanship.

Author — Danilo Di Gioia


Una partita commovente contro una squadra fenomenale, mentre guardavo gli ultimi due quarti non riuscivo a credere ai miei occhi, ragazzi siete stati tutti fantastici!

Author — Eloaccio


I am Serb, i was in tears when we lost, I was really as everybody was hoping for gold but it didn't ended the way we wanted, and that's how it works sometimes you win sometimes you don't.Big respect for Italy and i genuinely hope you win this tournament you have beaten us fair and I really respect that as well as your coach

Author — farmco vilovic


Wow…Two of my Favorite Nations & People playing against each other! 🇷🇸🇮🇹 Serbia has such a Talented team…it’s absolutely undeniable! Italy on the other hand has such amazing Passion in their game! Hoping the Best next time for our Serbian Brothers! Also hoping the best to our Italian Brothers for the rest of the tournament as well! Greetings from ΕΛΛΑΣ 🇬🇷

Author — HELLAS59


Never get arrogant, never underestimate your opponents, especially if the game isnt friendly, even more if it's a knock out game, that's the basics.
Bravo to Italy, a win with balls. 🤌

Author — Πάνος Σταγής