2013 Bowling World Championships - Men's high definition video focusing on the various release

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2013 Bowling World Championships - Men's high definition video focusing on the various release 4.5

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This shows just how beautiful our game is....

Author — ScottyJDirtFan


Amazing video. Love how we are able to see the release

Author — celdoor


What's this music? Beautiful stuff there..

Author — SstalkerS


who is the last bowler? love his release so much

Author — chrism216


Does anyone know what the two songs are in the video? Shazam and Soundsound can't find them...

Author — az3579


На 12:15 видно нашу Русскую красавицу из сборной России =)

Author — Старый Азиат


Very well done, with great quality of video.Thank you

Author — 3 Blind Mice


Wish there wasn't so much time between the players throwing the ball. It seems that half of this video is just watching them react to how they threw it, in slow motion if i might add...

Author — n2dpun


Awesome video whoever put this together, love the music and editing and shutter speed recording; it does make for a great HD still. The very last shot was cool as you could see the oil track on the ball building up clearly as it flared going down the lane. If we can continue to make videos about bowling poetic like this, the sport will always have a future.

Author — Dean Champ


Very well done. I also like the focus on the release, not just these people throwing strikes. Calming music, too.

I liked the forward/backward/forward aspect of most of the releases in order to fully analyze them.

Great Job!

Author — plamormick


Great video ... but ... really. I just watched it 2 times in a row 

Author — MushroomBadgerSnake


Several folks have asked for the name of the music.  We would appreciate someone identifying the song.

Author — Chuck


risoluzione dell'immagine e messa a fuoco favolosi complimenti !!! potrei sapere con che telecamera avete realizzato i filmati?

Author — federico riva


What camera did you use to shoot the video? Nice job by the way.
Ron Clifton

Author — Ronald Clifton


Great video. Is there a video that shows what arrow the bowlers aim at and hand release? Something I want to know.

Author — getiingtubed


I want a high speed camera! What are you using?

Author — Tom Nassar


may i know what is the name for the first music?

Author — Jimmy Soo


Why do the men look so depressed after making a strike?

Author — Michael Liamkin


This video should've been entitled, Plant & Pull. Guess the modern day equipment doesn't necessitate prior skill levels.

Author — 20alphabet


Very helpful...The only suggestion I could make is backing out a little so we can see what their wrist is doing.

Author — KicksKat