North Wales: Feisty and Poetic

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North Wales: Feisty and Poetic 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | We get to know North Wales, as we visit the castle-within-a-castle in Conwy, peek into 16th-century domestic life at Plas Mawr, go down deep in the Llechwedd slate mine, and up high in Snowdonia National Park, then stroll through a "Beatle pilgrimage" in Liverpool.

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Wales is underrated, you don't hear about it as much as Scotland, Ireland and England which is sad because Wales is truly magnificent and wonderful!

Author — Jayson Taylor


My great grandmother left Wales from Liverpool in 1863 to immigrate to the United States. Thanks for this video. I still have her ticket. She was two years old. Mary Lewis age two. :)

Author — Joe Sr. & Shanna Van Ausdall


The tour guide sounds like he's recalling all of these details of the castle from his personal experiences. Love him!

Author — Mary U


The British Isles contains five Celtic lands not three, the Isle of man and Cornwall.

Author — Flake452


As a Briton I appreciate these well-informed and respectful videos.

Author — John Harding


Five Celtic lands actually.Don't forget the Cornish and the Manx.

Author — Rameman


As an Englishman living in the midlands, Wales has always held a special place in my heart. I spend a few days there every year. Beautiful country. Absolutely adore North Wales.

Author — Crouching Hedgehog


When an English couple of friends got married in Wales, a group from my town in Mexico drove 4 hours to Los Angeles, flew for 16 hours to London, then a couple of hours by train to Newport, then about an hour by car, to be there in the small town for the occasion. It was quite the long odyssey.
Welsh hospitality blew us away, their open warmth was immediate and such an unforgettable experience.

Author — Ernesto Lombardo


I visited North Wales for one day only, I saw most of these sightseeings, and it was among the best days in my entire life.

Author — Wis zak


Such beautiful landscapes in Wales and Britain! I come from the Arizona desert, its amazing to notice the contrast from what I'm used to. Keep up the Welsh language. all the best from the usa.

Author — Joshua MacLeod


No doubt this way the best video ever. Though I'm Brazilian Wales is the country of my heart. Congratulations for picturing this wonderful country!

Author — Victor Hugo


just wow! the beauty of this country took my breath away

Author — Ali Mammedli


I moved to Argentina 4 years ago and an Expat American with Welsh and German Blood.
There are 5 Welsh Communities is Southern Argentina and they have Welsh Language Schools and have maintained many customs they brought over here 150 years ago.
Cheers to my Welsh Cousins!

Author — Tulsatom Bob


My ancestors came from Wales. I have got to visit one day

Author — Linda Jones


I traveled here in the early '80s as an American GI and fell in love with the beauty of it. It's not difficult to see why.

Author — tripleheshy


The tour guide is very engaging. He brings it to life.

Author — C. Anon


I live in Bangladesh, Wales has always held a special place in my heart. I want to spend a few days there. Beautiful country. Absolutely adore North Wales.

Author — Arif Rahman


I've been told that one of my medieval ancestors worked building Conwy Castle.

Author — stevo728822


Cornwall is also a Celtic Nation, with its own language, similar to Welsh and Bretton and understood quite well by both nations!

Author — Beryl Langsworthy


I live in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Both sides of my family settled here in the 1750's from Wales. They even named there town Pembroke. One side was William Williams and the other Jeremiah Solesbury but later became Shrewsbury for reasons no one knows. I'm very proud of my Cymru ancestry. I'll go there and maybe visit some distant family one day!!!

Author — Travis Williams