Spear Of Longinus (Australia) - Nazi Occult Metal (Demo) 1995

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Side Nastrond VI
1. Rite of Ragnarok
2. The Ibis of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)
3. Riders of a Cold and Violent Wind
4. Jarl's Quest Eternal
5. Nazi Occult Metal

Side Breidablik VII
6. Rite of Ragnarok
7. The Ibis of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)
8. Riders of a Cold and Violent Wind
9. Jarl's Quest Eternal
10. Nazi Occult Metal

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You was always familiar with the name but never checked them out. This demo sounds badass!!!

Author — grinddeathpunk


Just ordered this demo and a few other albums from this band!

Author — Him in the Gulf


I have a couple of SOL albums but I haven't got this demo. It's Savage. I'll have to try to get a copy. Ugly primitive filth, as it should be :)

Author — Andrew Cunningham


Fucking heavy, and the attitude just plays into it... Loving it!

As long as a band doesn't actively supports hate crimes and so on I couldn't care less about their attitude.

Author — AncientCall


SOL has one the best Badass riffs out there! S.H SOL!

Author — Herr Mörbrdrak


I hear peoply bitching about the production but I grew up on old diy punk rock and this really isn't bad. I'm down either way.

Author — Joshua Israel


Death Of Humanity And Hails To The Great Conquerers Of The Past. Blood/Sword/Allegiance/Death.

Author — Lloyd Zarathoustra.


17:11 When doom slayer takes a different path .

Author — Dmitry Hills


They made the "list" boys...

Australians on the list were chosen by securocrats, particularly Victoria Police, technocratic Facebook just enforces it.

All of them are based in Melbourne with the exceptions of the two bands Black Magick SS (Tasmania) and Spear of Longinus (Queensland).

The White Australians included, all of them banned for “hate” include:

Tom Sewell
Blair Cottrell
Neil Erikson

Antipodean Resistance
Lads Society
National Socialist Network
True Blue Crew
United Patriots Front

Black Magick SS
Spear of Longinus

Author — Sean Anon


folk music? like.. here is music from my region, that says no to the normal standard?..

Author — Sataneliteoneshots


Better than the rockstars of behemoth, immortal, emperor...you know... instagram black metal.

Author — eraser.head.


Cant even tell wtf you're listening to

Author — ChilliChesta


Zero skills on drumming, guitar, and bass, voice is a mess and the producer was probably killed in action... I love it.

Author — Jackie182