DMA'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version

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DMA'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version 5
DMA'S do their own version of Cher classic 'Believe' live on triple j.

Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love.

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Face of a bricklayer, voice of an angel.

Author — Dan Turner


When you've got a gig at 1pm and Millwall away at 3pm

Author — m c


legit probably the best like a version cover.

Author — Zeke


He's.... he’s chewing a bubble gum while singing like an Angel damn

Author — M S


They're all dressed like 7th graders from the year 2000.

Author — Shawna Nelson


We listened to this in class without the picture on bc we were studying stereotypes, and we all thought the person singing would look like harry styles or something but we were so suprised when we actually saw the band it goes to show how our minds are fixed on stereotypes.never judge a book by its cover 😌

Author — Fabtastic Unicorn77


When farming pays the bills and music's for the thrills.

Author — Christiaan Kruger


You are meant to hear this cover at the exact moment you do

Author — FGW


I can't get over the fact his chewing gum whilst singing

Author — Ryan Dessens


I used to hate this song until I heard this version, hits hard especially after a going through a recent breakup.

Author — dannymcnallymusic


Who else keeps coming back !! Best cover by far !!

Author — Lee Weston


Well, I wasn't expecting that.
Great job. Pity so few comments date from less than 2 years ago. This deserves to be viewed more often..

Author — drycha


DMA's look like they've just finished painting a piece at Macquarie Fields Train Station and are about to score a bag of shard on tick off their mate EskiOner down at East Hills for a big night ahead at an underground rave out in St. Mary's. But, like most dealers, EskiOner inconveniently wasn't at home and told them to wait a few hours until he got back... So, with a bit of time to kill and growing bored of the amount of Aussie hip-hop and Gabber on their stolen iPhone playlists, they decided to pop in to an Erskinevill music shop, rack a couple of guitars and head up to the JJJ studios to staunch Richard Kingsmill in to allowing them to record an amazing version of Cher's 'Believe'. Matt and Alex were rolled immediately afterwards... But, no one cared, because of how insanely talented the DMA's crew proved themselves to be.

Author — MrBladezt


My boyfriend introduced this song and now I love it more than him ...

Author — Trinh Trần


I love this song and can’t stand Cher. This is perfect.

Author — Skye


I wonder if that piece of gum knows it just helped record one of the best covers

Author — Sydney


Were they smoking durries outside Centrelink and just like 'oi oi let's start a band'

Author — supreme millipede


The intro sound played at the start of every single 'like a version' film clip is more violent than a dyson airblade in an airport with a hangover...

None the less, excellent tune

Author — Angus Campbell


I have no idea podrick can play guitar

Author — Eldy Ellyus


This needs to be in the top 100 of the decade no question

Author — ThePerfectSpecimen77