Jared Kushner Interviewed At The 2019 TIME 100 Summit | TIME

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Jared Kushner Interviewed At The 2019 TIME 100 Summit | TIME 4

White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner is interviewed at the TIME 100 Summit, answering questions about criminal justice reform, the Mueller report findings, the Middle East, his role in President Trump's 2020 reelection campaign, and more. #TIME100

Now in its 16th year, the TIME 100 is far more than an annual list of the world’s most influential people. It is, across its more than 1,000 alumni, one of the world’s greatest leadership communities—a unique mix spanning government, business, entertainment, health, sports and science. The TIME 100 Summit will spotlight the outstanding progress these individuals are making and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration toward a better world.

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Jared Kushner Interviewed LIVE At The 2019 TIME 100 Summit | TIME

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The Chief Correspondent is here seen pitifully flogging his dead horse, and gets brushed aside and even made fun of by the Son-in-Law.

Author — Mark Rogers


That little boys skin glows hotter than the sun. He's so moisturized and well-rested.

Author — Patrick


Jared is incredibly intelligent but looks super shady simultaneously.

Author — Ariel Trajtenberg


Time went from being a well respected magazine to being well known as propoganda for the benefit of the agenda of international elites....actually always was, but now people are strating to understand its true purpose.

Author — Email Sender


I loved it. First time I’ve heard him give an interview. He made me feel a little bit more comfortable. He brought up quantum computing which made me sigh with relief. It’s important and I’m glad it’s on their minds. Nice....

Author — K.T. Kondor


Time Inc. is where failed progressives go to d ie, or practice ambush interviews.

Author — Mark H


The red in the background is matching his personality

Author — MEMES & GIFS


Wow I’m jealous! his skin is like a woman’s!

Author — B L


Give it up... "TIME" to move on to a new narrative. Let's get back to some integrity in news reporting.

Author — Craig Bond


Kushner is getting more confident on the hotseat.

Author — Peter Petruzzi


Brian looks nervous... is this the level of a Senior whatever from TIME? it's time

Author — Kev S



Author — RECCA The Ruins of America


Dog with a bone....nothing here.... I'm done at 3 minutes...get out of the past, Time...it's over.

Author — Brent Edwards


It's pretty obvious that Brian didn't know the old saying, "Never bring a knife to a gunfight", because he was totally "out-gunned". He came across as petty and woefully irrelevant in the discussion. Jared is impressive, articulate and incredibly knowledgable without coming across as arrogant.

Author — Alan Saunders


He looks like he litteral can't grow a beard! Wow

Author — Gypsy soul


Some people said that he's suit candidate of antichrist .what are u guys thinking ?

Author — Alvin Brain Sinaga


Is it halloween already? Why has uncle chester stepped on stage?

Author — Just Human


Really, Time? Still gnawin on that bone...?

Author — Stirred butnotshaken


Daniels 70th week is close. Our redemption is drawing nigh brethren, look up.



7:26 in and still a waist of time. Maybe it gets interesting, but I'll never know.

Author — Fire In The House