Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

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Movavi Video Editor Plus Review 4.5

Learn how to use the simple yet powerful video editing application, Movavi Video Editor Plus. This editor can create keyframe animations, chroma key, flipbooks, slideshows, and much more.


0:26 Introduction

1:24 Interface

2:51 Separating Audio

3:29 Editing Clips

4:33 Overlays

5:10 Highlight/Conceal

5:59 Pan/Zoom

6:34 Stop-frame Animation

7:27 Chroma Key

9:17 Keyframe Animation

9:44 Picture Correction

10:37 Verdict

The stock footage is from the YouTuber, Green Screen.

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i really enjoyed watching your video, You focused on some amazing features an explained them well, and though i love my Movavi 15 which works great and does amazing things, I am now going to upgrade to Movevi plus.

Author — Grace Life


Excellent presentation! Just one suggestion to make it perfect: add a "table of contents" at the beginning. Something like this:
Movavi Editing Help

2:50-4:33 Separate audio from video
4:33-6:35 Overlays
6:35-8:24 Animation
8:28-9:17 Fixing narrow clips/pan and zoom
9:17-9:36 Key frame animation
9:36 to end Picture collections

Keep up the good work. I am subscribing.

Author — Wes Wilson


Having used imovie for 8 years, my upgrade to El Capitan upset it so there is no video in the preview window. So your review here was invaluable, many thanks.

Author — kfotocam


Hi there, great video I just have one question... What is the difference between movavi editor and the editor plus that you review? Is it just more stuff that comes with it like animations and backgrounds? I appreciate your reply thank you.

Author — The Budget Aquarist


Come across your video while browsing for a better video editor. I am glad I stumble upon your vids. I used inshots for most of my vids on YouTube and it's free.. free stuff is good but limitted. I like how you focus on the application and explain. Supporting your channel from now on.

Author — Simply Judy


Does movavi have background music in it?

Author — Bryan Cerro


Can Movavi Video Editor Plus open Sony MXF Files?

Author — Martin Eldridge


Very good. I too came from Wonderhsare. I’m going to purchase this one tomorrow. Thanks.

Author — Stan Cook


I tried update but it seem not working ask for paying.. I have Movavi Video Editor Suite 16, Window 7 (HP, PC) that need update for how much ? Is Suite 17 same one is Movavi PLUS ?

Author — Patricia Meek


Thank you! Very nice review! You helped me make a purchasing decision.

Author — Craig Lafferty


HGW 560 Abos wenn ich gerade das Video sehe

Author — Rophaley


How about video stabilization? Will it help a somewhat shaky video?

Author — firstdance2000


Oh c´mon why did you play music in the background? It´s annoying to listen to while trying to hear what you´re saying!

Author — Andreas Grünebaum


i accidently press don't save project and my project all gone now can i restore it?

Author — Yusuf Wijaya