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President Trump - Jim Acosta press conference 4.5
President Donald Trump admonishes CNN's Jim Acosta during a White House press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. At one point, a White House aide tried to take away his microphone. The White House later suspended Acosta's press pass, claiming he put his hands on the young woman. (Video: Wochit)

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As Chinese, this makes me understand why United States is the best country in the world, because you can question President of US in his face!! wow
I can't even dare to imagine what kind of horrible thing would happen to Chinese people if he or she tries to question Chinese leader in his face....swift death will be mercy

Author — WaterPoop


Acosta is not doing his job, just living up to his name. Accosting anyone he can

Author — Tim List


Here's a couple important definitions from Merriam Webster:

1 : an act of invading

2 : to encroach upon

1 : to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another
2 : to advance beyond the usual or proper limits

Author — Mark


Bravo! Once you stepped toward Acosta he sat as a scared rabbit.
To the aid of the intern! goodjob!


Author — D. Nicely


Every video I’ve seen of this edited out trumps words on immigrants coming in legally and the reporters constant barrage of questions after the initial engagement. I wonder why they do that. It’s almost like they want to slant the way the country sees it.

Author — david sandlin


Os Estados Unidos continuaram sendo a MAIOR POTENCIA DA GALÁXIA!!!

Author — Naely Souza


He clearly attacked that woman, she might have a few broken ribs.

Author — Be Daniel


she did grab, jim held and blocked, she stopped, conclusion cnn hired jim and jim is void of press room Etiquette.

Author — Agent Anderson


God Bless President Trump! @realDonaldTrump

Author — William Boland


Jim Acosta FINALLY got what he has earned.

Author — Valerie


The Orange Farce has the audacity to call someone else "rude". Hilarious!

Author — King Mob


Jimmy Acosta thinks he is someone special. I’m sick of this puke.

Author — Dino Danelli


“Thank you for telling me that I appreciate it” 😂🤣 Priceless.

Author — H.M. Murdock


Acosta, you hit .Trump gets you back 10 times harder

Author — Giovanni


A group?! Lol its 7 thousand! With unknown backgrounds

Author — DeathReckoning


It is peasant to see trump so powerless. Jim stood his ground and asked the tough questions; something FOX would never do even if they had a news license and real journalists.
Thank you Jim. Keep up the great work.

Author — GILBERT Hernandez


At first I was hoping that Hillary won the election BUT NOW I LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP! I think he makes alot of sense and I like that he speaks his mind no matter what anyone thinks. Hey, the country is running much more smoother so this man is no dummy. He does things that he said he was gonna do and he stays on it. I dunno why people judge him and hate on him so much. Of course he's gonna say wrong things sometimes but who on this God given earth is perfect? We're all humans and we all f**k up! I think Trump was totally in the right here and Jim Acosta is very disrespectful. This is OUR President whether we like it or not and we should respect him just as Jim Acosta needs to sit his azz down when the President tells him his time is up and not keep on talking over him and insisting he keep the floor. No sit cha rude CNN azz down. I used to love CNN but CNN has really gone down hill since it became obsessed with constantly trying to make Trump look bad. Trump can do something good or get a good report and they'll immediately start talking about something bad he's said or done. They don't want to give the man any credit and he's done alot of good stuff and he clearly cares about the success our of country! On top of that, I am a black man and I think Trump is a great guy! That's right Trump you continue to run the country and Acosta can run CNN. He definitely needs to stay in his lane. Why don't he run for President since he think he could do it so much better. Ha!

Author — LifeIsAMystery


From your thumbnail I thought you were going to show a different angle.

Author — indigoblue4me


Acosta clearly asks the young woman if he could kiss her.
She grabs the mike and jumps on his back, striking his back, knocking acosta out cold as he continued to ask a question.
Unconscious, acosta asks more questions...

Author — Andrew Baroch


Invasion; forced or illegally entering into a country uninvited. Mrk Accouta was rude and did the people a disservice by his willful show of disrespect for our President Trump.
Power To The People!

Author — Sylvia Brooks Funchess