President Trump - Jim Acosta press conference

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President Trump - Jim Acosta press conference 4.5
President Donald Trump admonishes CNN's Jim Acosta during a White House press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. At one point, a White House aide tried to take away his microphone. The White House later suspended Acosta's press pass, claiming he put his hands on the young woman. (Video: Wochit)

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Acosta, you hit .Trump gets you back 10 times harder

Автор — Giovanni


Jimmy Acosta thinks he is someone special. I’m sick of this puke.

Автор — Dino Danelli


JIM ACOSTA clearly PUSHED DOWN her arm. I personally do not consider this physical assault, even though the "technical" definition says it is. Having said that, if Donald Trump had done this, Jim Acosta and all liberal media would have gone into OVER DRIVE MODE having 24/7 discussion panels with "IN DEPTH ANALYSIS about the TREATMENT OF WOMEN in 2018". And let's not even think what would have happened if that had been a black woman.

Автор — Walter Higo


she did grab, jim held and blocked, she stopped, conclusion cnn hired jim and jim is void of press room Etiquette.

Автор — Agent Anderson


Jim Acosta FINALLY got what he has earned.

Автор — Valerie


Bravo! Once you stepped toward Acosta he sat as a scared rabbit.
To the aid of the intern! goodjob!


Автор — D. Nicely


God Bless President Trump! @realDonaldTrump

Автор — William Boland


Here's a couple important definitions from Merriam Webster:

1 : an act of invading

2 : to encroach upon

1 : to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another
2 : to advance beyond the usual or proper limits

Автор — Mark


Os Estados Unidos continuaram sendo a MAIOR POTENCIA DA GALÁXIA!!!

Автор — Naely Souza


A group?! Lol its 7 thousand! With unknown backgrounds

Автор — DeathReckoning


He clearly attacked that woman, she might have a few broken ribs.

Автор — Daniel Neville


From your thumbnail I thought you were going to show a different angle.

Автор — indigoblue4me


Acosta held the microphone for 2 minutes. That's crazy. He's not asking questions, he's debating.

Автор — Stephen H


Trump don't be playing with CNN LMFAO 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

Автор — demarko Parker


“Thank you for telling me that I appreciate it” 😂🤣 Priceless.

Автор — Gerard B


At first I was hoping that Hillary won the election BUT NOW I LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP! I think he makes alot of sense and I like that he speaks his mind no matter what anyone thinks. Hey, the country is running much more smoother so this man is no dummy. He does things that he said he was gonna do and he stays on it. I dunno why people judge him and hate on him so much. Of course he's gonna say wrong things sometimes but who on this God given earth is perfect? We're all humans and we all f**k up! I think Trump was totally in the right here and Jim Acosta is very disrespectful. This is OUR President whether we like it or not and we should respect him just as Jim Acosta needs to sit his azz down when the President tells him his time is up and not keep on talking over him and insisting he keep the floor. No sit cha rude CNN azz down. I used to love CNN but CNN has really gone down hill since it became obsessed with constantly trying to make Trump look bad. Trump can do something good or get a good report and they'll immediately start talking about something bad he's said or done. They don't want to give the man any credit and he's done alot of good stuff and he clearly cares about the success our of country! On top of that, I am a black man and I think Trump is a great guy! That's right Trump you continue to run the country and Acosta can run CNN. He definitely needs to stay in his lane. Why don't he run for President since he think he could do it so much better. Ha!

Автор — LifeIsAMystery


Any schoolyard kid knows it's an assault when the bully won't give the ball back./// CNN -FAKE NEWS

Автор — Seraph909


First of all, this Russia collusion has to stop and it is going to stop NOW.
Because (I AM) (GOD) is going to stop it.
Now we know the tactics of the media as we have seen it with Kavanaugh case.
First, what is the tactic exactly?
Well! You accuse someone without any evidence at all (which is illegal) according to the ten commandments and canon law, then the accused is neutralized because he/she will have to spend 24/7 on defense. Consequently, the time a person would spend in moving forward is now spent on clearing his/her name.

We saw this clearly in play with the Kavanaugh case.

So now to end this Russia collusion non sense, we have to take back control of the narrative. We have to switch things around. Now we have to demand proof from the accusers and if they cannot provide proof, well then they are going to prison.

So what are we asking exactly?
We are asking for the following.
If there was was collusion, please explain how such collusion was possible in the first place. meaning that, how can Russia intervene or influence an election happening half way across the world?

Did they hack in computers to change votes?
Did they give funds to the Republicans for promotional purposes?
What did Russia do exactly?

If they gave money to the republicans then please submit the evidence, if they created videos on youtube to influence the American masses, please provide the videos and no you cannot say (they were deleted)

Автор — jessyka power


1:07 - Violates Freedom of the Press? Whadaya think, Donnie Boy?
1:42-1:50 - Talk about throwing stones at others when you have a glass house!

Автор — Thelonestar Pelican


As Chinese, this makes me understand why United States is the best country in the world, because you can question President of US in his face!! wow
I can't even dare to imagine what kind of horrible thing would happen to Chinese people if he or she tries to question Chinese leader in his face....swift death will be mercy

Автор — WaterPoop