The Poisoned Cupcake | Happy Death Day (2017)

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Betrayal tastes like S***! The moment Tree discovers her best friend Lori intended to poison her with a cupcake.

From Happy Death Day (2017): College student Theresa Gelbman continues to relive the day when she was killed to discover the identity of her murderer.

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I remember watching it in the movie and jokingly saying “dang Tree’s so mean and Lori still gives her a cupcake she’s definitely the killer, nobody’s that nice”

Author — Anahid Pacheco


The first five minutes of the movie I jokingly said "Plot twist: her roommate is the killer" with my friends watching it with me and they all just laughed, but little did we know lmao

Author — Gpopp the Nerd


"Because you've killed me before!" Funny how Lori never questioned that statement. Lol.

Author — KoasterKing 205


“I know I’ve been a bad roommate, but... isn’t this a bit much?

whaT tHe

Author — songbird 64


Lori literally killed her in so many different ways including ones needing strength, and Tree thinks she could expose her as a murderer and Lori would just go along with her to the police? Lolll

Author — crossref


It's a little weird that Lori's backup plan of framing Tombs was a better alibi than if Tree had just eaten the cupcake. An autopsy would've found traces of the poison.

Author — BTTFMovie


Who feel bad for the girl who saw lori's dead body? I did.

Author — xXAsh_ ArtsXx


"I always knew there was something wrong with Lori...she wears Crocs"
Edit: Guys, it's a line from the movie. I don't care what you wear

Author — Spongebob's Window


Judge: So you kicked your roommate out of a window. Why’d you do it?
Tree: She wore crocs.
Judge: Valid. Not guilty.

Author — Richard Klyce


I love when she's like: You've been killing me over some stupid guy." That's where feminism was born. 😂

Author — Porcelánek


Lori was so sweet in Happy Death Day 2U in the other dimension where she wasn’t the killer. I wanted Tree to stay in the other dimension because of Lori honestly

Author — isla


“Because you killed me before” (chuckles) “then I guess I’m just gonna have to do it again” statement of a true psycho path. Asks no questions just trying to get the job done. 😩😂

Author — Chinah


It's terrifying to notice that if Tree hadn't win the fight, she would have died without resurrect again, because she finally found out who the murderer was

Author — Sofia Trvs


Lori had such a dumb reason to kill Tree. It doesn’t make any sense.

Author — Vietha Tran


For those who loved Lori, were you pissed off that Lori was Tree's killer?

Author — Shubin Alam


“Your killing me over some stupid guy”
I was literally saying the same thing lol

Author — Marvelgirlfan 01


My biggest concern here is how they let a college nursing student anywhere near a known psychopathic murderer. Like I get that maybe he was just transferred to the nearest hospital but to be in a college-oriented hospital where the staff contains tons of young nursing students? That just seems insane.

Author — Blaise Avey


She kills me every time she ask; "you really think I'd tried to poison you with a freaking cupcake?" Like um! Yesss! 🥴🤣

Author — Nectars Freakshow


Tree: doesn’t eat one cupcake cuz of carbs
Me: *Eats entire box of them in one sitting*

Author — Kevin


I love how Tree thinks the police will take this cupcake down to the crime lab and analyze it for all known poisons and toxins after she wanders in there and says her roommate is trying to kill her. In reality, they'd laugh her out of the station. Her best bet here would be to pretend to take it like normal and then go to the university lab and see if they can analyze it for her.

Author — Joel Avrunin