The problem with sex testing in sports

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The problem with sex testing in sports 3.5

Caster Semenya’s court case is the latest chapter in a long and confusing history.

This spring, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld rules imposed by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) limiting the participation of female athletes with high levels of testosterone. On the other side of the decision was Caster Semenya: a South African runner who has repeatedly been penalized by sports officials throughout her career. The IAAF has gone through many iterations of their female regulations throughout the past decade, and Caster Semenya has been targeted with each successive policy. Most recently, the regulation has been a testosterone limit of five nanomoles per liter.

Throughout the past decade, the media has been following Semenya's story closely and shaping a narrative that is often misguided or inaccurate. In this video we piece together the underlying issues relevant to sex testing in sports and contextualize them within the long history of scrutinizing female athletes. By covering the controversy surrounding 2016 women’s 800 meters Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya, along with historical events concerning Polish sprinter Ewa Klobukowska and Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, the goal is to help explain how athletic officials have repeatedly failed in their attempt to establish definitive sex testing regulations for female competitors.


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Does this mean that men with low testosterone levels can compete as women?

Author — sander_97


Usain Bolt should never compete, clearly he’s a cheetah

Author — Puxuan Zhou


“Pull ya pants down, I need to approve you for the olympics”

Author — Jaden Rintharamy


If this is such a big deal then why not let people with similar levels of testosterone compete with each other?

Author — AmyS


Phelps should never have been allowed to compete as a man. Obviously, he's a dolphin.

Author — w4fjhDU514I1


Its almost as if competitive sports naturally favors people with physiological superiority...🤔

Author — Lamb


She was born with XY chromosomes, I can’t believe they didn’t mention this
Edit: As 95% of the comments pointed out, it’s XXY

Author — Aaron Vaughn


Thanks to the comments for clearing up that she's intersex and has a Y chromosome. I feel like Vox should have mentioned that

Author — Steve Townsley


So know naturally born males that identifies as women and goes under treatment can compete but not women who are naturally strong. How does this make sense.

Author — sam hu


I feel Bad for women who have high testosterone... They are rejected in society and in sports too 🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — laura meli


It is very hard to actually make the whole tournament completely fair for everyone. This is basically like not allowing a player from playing basketball because he is naturally very tall.

Author — snapsnap


You will let adverage biological man compete and destroy women, but an actual women who is physically gifted is banned.

Author — Mrswissblue


Yeah, this feels like a no-win situation.

Author — Alex C


Bolt should of not competed in the Olympics, he was confirmed to be a rare species of cheetah that stands upright.

Author — Blah Blah Blah


Scrolled down to see the comments

that was a mistake.

Author — TeddySquid


"There are no scientific tests that can define a human" lol

Author — Ali Hadi Babar


Vox: Testosterone isn’t entirely correlated with athletic ability
Lance Armstrong: my time to shine

Author — Evan Boyle


The sheer amount of important information not included by vox is incredible.

Author — ben shapiro is my hero


BROO, how is it 'questioned'' whether high levels of testosterone increases athletic performance. There's an ANOBOLIC (Meaning muscle building) STEROID literally known JUST as ''testosterone''.

Author — Deep Toot


“Other factors like heart size and VO2 max...” WHICH MEN HAVE MORE OF

Author — Sam Nissly