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How clean meat will change the food industry - Docu 4

How will clean meat change our food industry? Is clean meat the future and if so, how will clean meat change our way of living or are we ignoring it to satisfy our hunger for meat? A documentary about clean meat, it´s production and the question, if we really want to change our lifestyle into a sustainable one.

In the Netherlands cultured meat is a public interest, but it seems still very complicated to bring it to market. Are we missing the train?

At least 50 billion animals are slaughtered every year to satisfy our desire for meat. Almost a fifth of the CO2 emissions on earth come from livestock. It turns out to be extremely difficult to eat less meat: many people just like meat and the global demand for it is still increasing. That was the reason for entrepreneur and cultivated meat pioneer Willem van Eelen to come up with ‘in vitro meat’. After his death, daughter Ira received a phone call from Silicon Valley last year. Josh Tetrick, CEO of the young company Just invited her to come and eat cultured meat in the kitchen of their laboratory in San Francisco. The company bought her father's patents and is now starting to actually produce and sell cultured meat.

But the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport regards cultured meat as a so-called "novel food" and thus delays the introduction of cultured meat. With this resistance, changing our global meat production and consumption becomes a race against the climate clock.

On the other hand, meat from cultivated stem cells is ultimately sustainable, as less land, water and energy are required for production. According to the makers, it is also completely food safe and no animals need to be slaughtered for it.

In short: cultured meat is a reality. It is there and we can make it. The question is: do we really want it?

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Director: Rob van Hattum
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The price of clean meat will only decrease while the price of killed meat will only increase. Let the market decide

Author — 2001lextalionis


What about combining this technology with vertical farming?
I imagine it like this, that you have the clean meat brewery and right next to it a place where you grow the plants from which you take the proteins to grow the cells.
Because then we could even eliminate the transportation factor and produce it 100% locally^^

Author — Brokkoli OMG


That's the future I want to see; improvement instead of abstinence

Author — Luminous


Good Lord, I hope so. Please let that come fast and soon. I can't stand to buy meat for consumption. However, I do still buy it as I have rescued 11 cats and they are obligate carnivores. I also buy liver for my consumption as I am in heart failure (again) and it is what helped me survive in 2006.

Author — Gina Mariposa


Eating tuna without the mercury and toxic chemical that are in wild caught would be a big improvements.

Author — B. Greene


there is a good reason for everything, then there is the real reason.

Author — Hereticking


This is going to be *huge* . There are really just two roadblocks: cost, and resemblance to real, quality meat. Once the product is market-ready -- cost will not be a problem, these companies will go public and there is so much venture capital waiting for the next big thing.

Author — Alexander


Have you ever heard of Regenerative agriculture ???

Author — Off Grid Northwest


go ahead and watch how many people become vegan!!!

Author — MeNow ADOS


Never talks about the meat, what it's like, how it's made, what it costs, just giving us all the feels.

Author — Mark Brand


Good or not! Think who your taking on. The dollar value of the current costs to be lost by the Corporates. As Well as free energy I’d keep an eye on my back.

Author — John Fink


Of course it won't take long before we get exotic animal meat. Giraffes, zebra, polar bears, kangaroo, etc.. and of course somebody somewhere will take it to another level and take stem cells from humans, and offer it in the back rooms of select restaurants, where you have to know the chef, or be invited in with special passwords.

Author — Anthony Whincup


Wilhelm scream at 7:37 ... REALLY!?? 🤣 🤣

Author — Olli Trolli


Fantastic documentary! Even more exciting is that this is just the start: In time all kinds of meat will be offered (ostrich, wildebeest) with controlled proportions and type of fat; meat for people who have a tendency to high cholesterol, meat for people with allergies, meat for people who may be deficient in certain proteins and enzymes, meat specifically for athletes.
The biggest opposition will be from:
i) the “Ignorante” – those people so averse to new ideas that something so radical will not sit easily with them. These people frequently oppose new science and deny the existence of climate change.
ii) those people with a vested interest in keeping the industry in the status quo.
iii) the “ purists” - those who despite their approval of clean meat, hold a belief that meat derived from a dead animal tastes better. These people may be food industry professionals. Dead meat will still be available to these people at a premium (hopefully it will bankrupt them or they’ll contract liver fluke from infected meat!).
A possibly alarming conclusion from this though may be that once the technology becomes so prevalent, with many companies, that human cells are illegally (possibly – though logically, as no harm would be caused why this would be illegal?) cultured to satisfy a certain type of people who crave the unusual.
Me? I’ll stay vegetarian as I have been for more than 30 years, though if I can invest in these companies, I will.

Author — Googi Shite


Simply incredible: as of this writing, on 23-May-2019, there is an ~ 80:20 ratio of likes to dislikes for this video. What is not to like about this video? Are people disliking the video itself, or do they dislike the concept of clean meat? Personally, I think that both the video and clean meat are both perfectly satisfactory.

Author — Nirvana7734


"This will end factory farming once and for all."
The Future
"This will end factory farming once and for all."
there is a good reason for everything, then there is the real reason.

Author — Winifred Bryden


"This will end factory farming once and for all."
"This will end factory farming once and for all."
Doing it with human cells would be cannibalism?

Author — Lee Gonzalez


"This will end factory farming once and for all."
there is a good reason for everything, then there is the real reason.

Author — Charles K. Gamblin


"This will end factory farming once and for all."
there is a good reason for everything, then there is the real reason.

Author — Amado Ballar


"This will end factory farming once and for all."
there is a good reason for everything, then there is the real reason.

Author — Josephine Hitt