Arsenal - 50 Greatest Goals of the Decade

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Author — iGooner


Alexis-Cazorla-Ozil. The streets won’t forget 2014-15.

Author — Peeper


Letting Ramsey go was the worst mistake in recent years.

Author — nuRLE


Giroud is underrated and I agree we should had kept Ramsey.

Author — François M


Ah, the good old days.... hopefully Arteta is the man to bring the good times back. And we should NEVER have got rid of Ramsey.

Author — LennyJohnson5


Giroud was SO underrated! His touch for a big man was second to none and some of the goals he scored were sublime. Arsenal scored goals when he was on the pitch... SIMPLE AS! He was fantastic at linking the play up and I think we really miss that right now

Author — achern141


We're keeping track of how many times Ramsey has mentioned in this video:
01:08 Ramsey (1)
03:07 Ramsey (2)
03:10 Ramsey (3)
03:27 Ramsey (4)
03:43 Ramsey (5)
04:03 Ramsey (6)
04:37 Ramsey (7)
06:03 Ramsey (8)
07:59 Ramsey (9)
08:07 Ramsey (10)
08:36 Ramsey (11)

Author — IM Toolkit


Common denominator in the top 3... Olivier Giroud. He was an amazing player for us when you think back to these goals

Author — Kronologik


I remember watching Thierry Henry score that goal on his return gave me chills...what a legend..

Author — Josh T.J


Alexis Sanchez, perhaps Arsenal's best signing in the Emirates stadium era 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Mvelo Mkhize


As a arsenal fan it almost broke my heart seeing all the players we let go, even though I hate van persie for what he did.. You just have to admire the goals he scored for us 😢

Author — RiddleF7


We all miss the old gunners
Ozil-assist king
Sanchez-season spectacular
Ramsey-player of the decade

Author — Ishaq Bangee


Giroud literally scored or assisted every goal in our top 3. Giroud, Özil and Cazorla were arsene Wenger’s style of football personified

Author — Charlie


"Henry. Chance. GOAL!" - For any Arsenal supporter who remembers the early 00's, that goal was emotional.

Author — Dean


I really miss Alexis's powerful and irreplaceable play...Hope him have a career

Author — JW Park


rosicky really was a player that was made for arsenal's style of the game. amazing gunner in history.

Author — clv


The most incredible and pure talented team from that era that never won anything worth sad🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Rafael Bouet Gabriel


Henry's first goal back was something special for the gooners. Thank you for including that!

Author — VΔ:SO


6:26 this will always be my favourite arsenal goal. The way he hits it, the way he played that season, Henry clapping from the stands. This goal had everything.

Author — George


Ramsey, Alexis, Rosicky, Giroud, Wilshere and Cazorla were just magic

Author — J