How to Make TOFU Recipe & Taste Test | Emmy's First Time

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How to Make TOFU Recipe & Taste Test | Emmy's First Time 5
I found a kit to make homemade tofu, so let's see how to do it and how the finish results taste on this episode of Emmy's First Time: Making Tofu. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 8 pm EST.

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just making tofu.

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Am I the only one who waits to see what Emmy will label in the background?

Author — Laura K


“Moist moist moist coagulate coagulate” she’s mad funny🤣🤣🤣

Author — Zipporah.Daniel


“Pardon the noise”....then her blender whispers 😂....

Author — jess whyuwannaknow


NOTE: the link where you can buy the TOFU kit will sell you the KIT, but it is all in JAPANESE! save this video and follow her instructions (English). NOTE that for each "block" of Tofu in recipe will need ONLY 300 g of dried soy beans.

Author — marcio shiokawa


Haha so many people gate the word “moist”... it just makes me think of moist chocolate cake, or something of that nature. I’m down with moist.

Author — Jacey Garden Wray


I have never seen ANYONE get so excited over tofu! So cute to watch Emmy do the happy dance.

Author — Pat Frank


Emmy is so pure, she radiates such a calming vibe😊🌻 I could listen to her talk about anything...her voice is so soothing

I love watching her videos

Author — Kathleen Webster


I recently broke up with my boyfriend that I still love because the relationship wasn’t good for me and I’ve been so sad lately. Now I’m binge watching your videos and painting my nails 💅 and I feel so calm for the first time in a long time. I love your personality and your videos and idk why I wrote this comment but I appreciate you

Author — Isabel


She's like a little science nerd in school doing a science experiment and I love her so much I'm crying

Author — AustinMc3


I live in Italy and there are almost no other Japanese people near here, so it's very difficult to get high quality tofu. The one you get at the supermarket is way too firm, it kinda resembles seasoned ricotta cheese or parmesan. I've always wondered why westerners like their tofu so firm (and expensive!). I only eat it when the local Chinese asian shop has it, once every other week... :(
I will try to make my own, it doesn't look difficult. Thanks for the video!

Author — 佐藤仁


How do you not have 5 million subs wtf you’re amazing!

Author — Madison Falco Eats


*coagulate* *coagulate* *moist* *moist* lol 😂
Love when she shows this much personality. 😂

Author — peanut&jelly


Can you try making tofu from chick peas and other types of beans just as an experiment?

Author — Meskarune


“Wait. Tofu is just soybean cheese” me, dec 23, 2019

Author — Luna Lapiz


I remember when I was in grade school, my mom would pick me up and we’d go to town and get fresh, daily made tofu from Aloha Tofu (in O’ahu, HI) we’d go so often she made tons of friends there and she’d get the leftover bits and would make Okinawan dishes from them. How I miss it so much :’( I’ve always wanted to make my own tofu, thank you for making a video. Doesn’t seem so daunting now!

Author — Joyce Wadzinski


Well Emmy, you really are an inspiration! I can't believe I just did this but I have ordered a tofu kit! The reviews criticised one thing - the instructions were only in Japanese - but I know I don't have to worry. I will be following your brilliant step by step video 😃 so thank you, in advance!

Author — Pamela J Levene


14:14 Emmy: it’s so fragile!
Me: ‘It must be Italian’
Love you Emmy

Author — Jennifer M


Emmy, do you think you would ever try making one of Jun's Kitchen's recipes?

Author — MSK SKM


Emmy: people don’t like that word
Also emmy: *says it a million times*

Author — Ninde Luxx


So tofu is basically plant based cheese?

Author — StormCrusher94