The LEDG Guide to Mean Well HLG Drivers: Part 1 - Constant Current & Series Wiring

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Part 1 of this series provides an overview on the different types of drivers within the HLG line and focuses on constant current models and series wiring.

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This video is literally the only one I could find on youtube that answers all my questions about drivers.

Thank you!

Author — Thomas Harrison


I find myself coming back to this year after year over the last 5 years!

Author — Karvin Fernando


I absolutely love seeing this... I am having some trouble assembling it all in my mind but this is great ! Well done 👍

Author — luthier47


Honestly, this is just about the most complete, well done, intuitive and technical Instructional videos I've seen. And I've seen a lot. Great job, and this is the type of mind I like to converse and work with. Cheers.

Author — Michael H.


This is a masterpiece. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Author — firecloud77


Oh my goodness. This 4 part series was excellent. This video is so comprehensive. Having the volt / amp meters visible at all time, showing your math, and showing wiring your COBs and panels together was so valuable. I have been struggling with the calculations and understanding some of the spec sheet for the Mean Well drivers. I didn't realize you could mix panels of different voltages. I can't thank you enough for how much this video series helped me. I'm going to continue to reference this for a long time.

Author — Mike Pieronek


Great videos. Question: How would I connect a digital display to the dimming Pot to display the dimming amount? What about showing the dimming amount on a scale from 0-100? Would a PWM signal control be better for this, since it already outputs a duty cycle in the format 0-100? Cheers 🥂

Author — dwalden74


Excellent lesson, thanks for testing it all out so I don't have to, greatly appreciated!

Author — Sunbeam


Thanks for taking the time and putting this together. I can't get enough of this stuff.

Author — Ed Martin


Excellent video with explanatory logic coupled with practical and simple examples!

Author — c1eaver


I can't tell you how many times iv recommended this video series to people, I do have one question if you can help

what kind of switch can i put in the output side of the driver? I have a 240w 48a driver im using for a 120w light so i have some overhead on there, but id like to have another light running temporarily on a different schedule, what im thinking is I just cut off the power to the second light after the 12 hours so the original light just runs until it switches off as normal, does this make sense to do or would i be better off getting another driver?

I was kind of hoping i could wire in a wifi switch for simplicity, or a plug type timer, but idk how they will act running with a DC throughput, and everything im seeing for DC timer switches on say Amazon like to go up to 36v..

Author — Obi Wan Cannabi


Great Video! looking forward to part 2!!

Author — ShadowWarrior


Well done, thanks. I am currently changing out my HPS lights for COB LED's and have been getting helpful advice from all of your videos. It's a bit scary and exciting to make the changeover from something that worked well for me in the past to the new world of LED's.

Author — Dabby Haze


You are the only person on Youtube explaining Mean Well LED Drivers, thats special. There are so many option to dim and program controle the B-type drivers. Also the difference between HLG and ELG and the new ELGC models (contant power) are interesting subjects. You should make a nice video about that. Keep up the good work!!

Author — Famintsyn


Thank you, can't wait until the EB Series™ Gen 2 are out. :)

Author — Canadian Closet Gardener


Very great informative video. Thank you for this helpful information.

Author — Common Sense


From the bottom of my heart...THANKS! :)

Author — Antonio Marino


started my journey with growmau5, glad I found your HQ content, too!

Author — Airburst9


excellent presentation and breakdown. This great content, thank you for taking the time!

Author — Jonathan Tong


were you a teacher in your previous life? Thank you so much Led Gardener for these vids, I went from knowing almost nothing in regards to LED lighting for grow spaces, and now after viewing your videos a whole bunch of times, everytime I go back to them I learn something else. Just amazing. I have one question, well many, but this one is related to this video. Is efficiency lost or gained when dimming the led driver? I'd like to buy 2 "A" constant voltage drivers and dim them to about 50 percent (max dimming allowed by driver) for veg so I can use more strips for better coverage. You rock bro

Author — Gabe Gutie