Outlast Official Soundtrack _ 35 Now My Son

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Original Score From Outlast.

You Can Buy This Soundtrack On The Red Barrels Games Web Site.

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I like how minutes after he says “you are no longer in any danger” there’s a Chris Walker chase.

Author — UnclePhil


It's not the same without Father Martin's screaming.

Author — UWOTM8


They made great use of this in Whistleblower.

Author — Leo Park


"The old priest one upped jesus in shitty ways to die"
That line gets me every time xD

Author — Storm Storkanus


Fixed the elevator, he said
I'm safe, he said
All of us will be free, he said...

Author — darkySp


This is the song I hear playing as finals week approaches

Author — slaymation


It was an amazing track, I mean it came suddenly blasting through my speakers and I was just so overwhelmed I had to get the fuck out of there!

Author — ShintyShinto


Son: Father, is there a ghost in my closet?
Father: No
Son: And father, is there a ghost in this house?
Father: Yes
Son: And father, will this ghost attack us?
Father: I...am not sure.
Son: How am i gonna escape him?
Father: I fixed the elevator, it will take you to freedom. And all of us will be free.

Now my son

Author — jimmyM


this music with church bells... emotional

Author — Erika Stopkova


Since I've played this game so many times. I can only hear Father Martin's screams at 0:44

Author — Pseudonymous9


this is the best soundtrack from the game. so epic!

Author — ziba


You are. We will join the Walrider in just a moment.

My Job. You alone shall escape to tell them. This is your penultimate act of witness.

The promise of the prophets was always freedom from death. And here it is.

You will watch and record my death, my resurrection. And together we will be free.

You are no longer in any danger. I've fixed the elevator. It will take you to freedom. We will all of us be free.

Now, my son...

Author — Madness114


Ulan efsane be 2.oyun müzikleri de dahil 1. oyunun tırnağı edemez

Author — Lasombra


Samuel, you are AWESOME! This reminds me a lot of Danny Elfman who's my favorite composer. Keep up the good work!

Author — Jadinka


I love this part of the game, is so fulled of agony of father martin, and so amazing scene, .... The music is just perfect...

Author — Natasсha Langen


THIS! This is the reason I discovered you. Many of your tracks gave me goosebumps but this one OMYGOD. I hope to see more of your work :) Great job

Author — Ina nimis


"I can't believe Father Martin one-upped Jesus Christ himself in shitty ways to die. And I don't believe I'm going to miss him. A way out. If he's telling the truth, now I've got a way out. And a story to tell. He wants me to spread his gospel. I'll tell the whole fucking world."

Author — BananaChicken21


This has gotten into my head at work and I couldn't be happier.

Author — McJazzhands


I love how you developed a classical and gothic/gregorian style to this music, I'm glad someone else understands that classical is the music of the mind.

Author — Deadon


Now now, my son,

I want you to unload the dishwasher
Fix the bathroom sink
Clear the drain
Sweep the floor
Wash the dishes
Make your bed
Do your homework
Fix the TV
Clean the walls and windows
Tidy up the rooms
Make mama's favorite mac and cheese

Author — yes