Why Retire To Belize?

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Why Retire To Belize?

Many of us dream of living in a Caribbean paradise, perhaps after retirement. For those wishing to make this dream become a reality, Belize is waiting. Located along Central America’s east coast, baby boomer retirees have discovered the small, warm island nation of Belize to be a welcoming paradise. In fact, Belize does more than just welcome retirees from certain areas- it provides incentives to them to move to the small nation. These will be discussed further in this video.

Small-Town Feel in the Country of Belize
Topography of Belize
Belize’s Climate and Weather
Cost of Living in Belize
Belize’s Qualified Retired Persons Program
Other Options for Retirees to Legally Stay in Belize
Financial Reasons to Retire to Belize
Transportation and Technology in Belize
Belize’s Health Care System

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Why retire to Belize? - this is the question Lori Loughlin may have to ask and answer, as she might be run out of The United States by Americans angry at her for her part in the College Admissions Cheating Scandal! Belize could be a landing spot for Lori.

Author — R McElhaney


Belize is NOT an "Island Nation". It is a part of the Yucatan Peninsula, although it hosts many islands called "Cayes" off the coast in the barrier reef .

Author — George B. Wolffsohn


A really nice place to visit in the Cayo District is "Belmopan Beach Adventure Park" it's a family owned park located near Belmopan the countries Capital. It has a private "Secret" Beach on the river, Horseback Riding, River Kayaking, Tubing, and some other things were offered as well like I think Beach Weddings and Horse Wagon Rides. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Author — DcSurvivalist


Be very careful! Come first, don't invest until you've been here for awhile. Some love it. Some don't.

Author — Kathlyn Hinesley


I’m a retired police officer. What are the gun laws like in Belize? If it is super restrictive as a holdover from British rule, that means only criminals will have them. Perhaps 30+ years of big city policing has left me “less trusting” of people?

Author — Cecil Rhambo