Trying Mystery Tech from Amazon...

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Trying Mystery Tech from Amazon... 5

Time for another round of mystery Amazon tech thanks to our good buddy Ken.

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All the "wonderful" tech items Ken got on Amazon...

Author — Austin Evans


That Robo Raptor is hilarious. I'm a grown man and... I kinda want one now.

Author — Knuckles Channel 3 & Knuckles


Roboraptor is nothing new, I remember getting one on Christmas when I was seven. So about 9 years ago. Good times.

Author — Yusuf!


After so many years they still haven't changed much of the roboraptor. I remember getting that as a chrismas present back in the mid 2000's(still have it in fact), and looks almost exactly the same apart from the blue accents on the newer models.

Author — Tony475130


Brb getting that RoboRaptor and its companion the RoboSapien.

Author — Primeval Media


On my 7th birthday I had a choice of the robot raptor and a PS2 I went with the PS2 and this video made me love my decision

Author — Abheek Bajaj


I actually have one of those raptors it's under my bed 😂😂😂

Author — Ellis


How to start a Austin Evans
1. Click the camera on button
2.This will turn the Austin Evans on
3.If he says "guys hey this is sauce tin"
It means your Austin has a virus and you need to take your Austin back to the store
4. If you are unhappy with your Austin you can overclock him to almost 10ghz
5.CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just turned on your own Austin he will now tell you whether an Austin is worth buying in 2018

Author — FriendlyMistiQ


Who’s watching in 2020? And the fire extinguisher was foreshadowing

Author — Backyard Trails


You really didn't give the pen justice.

Author — Harry Baird


4:26 Im watching this in that exact monitor

Author — funny yellow dog


Is commenting on a 9'000'000 subs youtuber video worth it?

Author — The MeltingSnowGolem


You should take the roboraptor for a walk in a park and record peoples reactions.

Author — Naedeslus


Austin Evans exploring the mysterious untouched part of Amazon.

I should probably get some sleep..

Author — Ben


omg like 12 YEARS OLD DINOSAURS TOY I had it when I was 6

Author — Martiks!


I swear that intro would be a good voicemail introduction lmao 😂

Author — Jason Roma


Yo! my boy been hitting the gym hard..!

Author — Khizar Ansari


Hey austin this is guys

Sorry i wanted to be the person who gets lots of likes

Author — why I despise


Did you dance every time when you talk?=)

Author — Aleksa Markovic


Pretty awesome in india everything is double the price so everything on this on this list is very expensive here

Author — Tany YT