Neanderthal Misconceptions

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Neanderthal Misconceptions 4.5
Neanderthals are our closest relatives and their extinction 40,000 years left us as the last remaining member of the genus Homo.

Misconceptions about them, however, have continued to prosper since their demise, and I hope that this video succeeds in lessening the impacts of such negative misconceptions.

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Sorry for the long wait! I have been held up by life over the last few weeks, and I am truly annoyed about leaving you guys without content for such a time.

New Zealand Bird of the Week will be back with the Rock Wren by the end of this week, and I hope I can continue to deliver on videos for the rest of the year and into 2019.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! :D

Author — Henry the PaleoGuy


I wish some day they find a frozen preserved neanderthal somewhere in the world so we can finally see what they really looked like.

Author — Vito Pasquu


i'm having a hard time picturing neanderthals that sound like anime schoolgirls.

Author — fumomo fumosarum


Imagine what Neanderthal language would’ve actually sounded like!

Author — Daniel Sugar


There’s evidence of Neanderthals having thick body hair. It grows all over my back.

Author — ManScoutsofAmerica


I clicked on this by mistake. I thought it was another Joe Rogan video, by the image on the thumbnail.

Author — Mike Burns


"WE"???? Apologetic Anthropology??? LOL!! (IT IS, WHAT it IS!!)

Author — MaliVinnyB


Very beautiful. Thank you. For the video and for making me see our old brothers in such a humble and respectful way.

Author — Krzysztof Kasprowiak


That point when you realize the guy claiming to be a scientist doesn't even recognize the word "congenital."

Author — J K


On the other hand I'm totally descended from at least a Neanderthal

Author — Logan smith


Not gonna lie. I wish they weren’t extinct.

Author — Reklaw


Well done! I take modern representation depicting them as "dirty", reduculous.

Author — Ruthanne D'Antuono


This is why....there are so many stories about Sasquatch (Bigfoot).

Author — Xo Xm


Yes, we should respect our ancient cousins.❤️❤️❤️

Author — Shivkumar K V


Aboriginals in Australia resemble Neanderthals a bit

Author — mozarella10


Recently discovered sewing needles, amongst neanderthal finds.

Author — Geoffrey Darcy


Fascinating, we are branches of a tree, this may be the reason that people often act and think like their heads are made of wood.

Author — RJ D


How arrogant modern man is to think that we are the pinnacle of human evolution ... or that there haven't been advanced civilisations that have come & gone before us (Gobekli Tepe is a good example).
I am always amazed that so-called 'experts' will tell us 'This is how it was' & then a new discovery completely debunks them. We are still in the stages of guesswork, based on what has been dug up so far. Just think of all the places on Earth that haven't been excavated yet & hold unimaginable evidence & discoveries.

Author — Charles Roberts


Every time I hear your voice I know I'm going to have fun, it brings a smile to my face.

Author — BlueKavet


Clearly "Nandi" was the Neanderthal counterpart to Joseph Joestar, he probably got those injuries fighting a Pillar Man.

Author — Greatsaiyakirby