Neanderthal Misconceptions

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Neanderthal Misconceptions 4.5

Neanderthals are our closest relatives and their extinction 40,000 years left us as the last remaining member of the genus Homo.

Misconceptions about them, however, have continued to prosper since their demise, and I hope that this video succeeds in lessening the impacts of such negative misconceptions.

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Sorry for the long wait! I have been held up by life over the last few weeks, and I am truly annoyed about leaving you guys without content for such a time.

New Zealand Bird of the Week will be back with the Rock Wren by the end of this week, and I hope I can continue to deliver on videos for the rest of the year and into 2019.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! :D

Author — Henry the PaleoGuy


According to my ex, I'm a Neanderthal. Ask me anything.

Author — The Usher


One word about the skins the early men wear, the fur goes to the inside with the scraped skin to the outside. The fur keeps you warm and the skin side dry from snow or rain. Look to the Inuit and Eskimo.

Author — See Canon


I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the misconception of “the missing link” that is still widely talked about and for the most part has been genetically disproven. There is no missing link, just cross breeding over generations with a plethora of different human types

Author — Sophia D


Did they use Joe Rogan's head in the thumbnail?

Author — Nattoo Saga


I wish some day they find a frozen preserved neanderthal somewhere in the world so we can finally see what they really looked like.

Author — Vito Pasquu


OK, what about the part where Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens interbreed? Is that not a widely, accepted theory now? Meaning they never, really, became extinct at all, but became incorporated into the Homo Sapien Gene Pool. You never mentioned anything about that, at all.

My Best. Out.

Author — Ivan J. Conway


I kinda wish Neanderthals were alive today. They seemed so interesting and I wish I could've met one.

Author — Stupid Weeb


"The extinction of Neanderthals left us the last remaining species of homo" that's not true ... there is archeological evidence that in fact homo florensiensis also known as "the hobbit" survived in Indonesia until as recently as 15, 000 years ago

Author — The_Big_Bad_Skeptical_Wolf_


People still judge each other by clothing style and quality

Author — Sugar Spring


i'm having a hard time picturing neanderthals that sound like anime schoolgirls.

Author — fumomo fumosarum


More likely that Neanderthal Man had a strong oral culture, rather than a developed written culture. I imagine they communicated through speech, as they had a tongue didn't they.

Author — christina whitlock


I live near the actual Neandertal (an area near Wuppertal in Germany). There is a really neat museum there and it is amazing to think about the weight of history above it all :)

Author — Antipersonenmine


I'm 100% Neanderthal, and I'm afraid of caves. I assume most of us are, so stop calling us "cave men".

Author — Bob Adkins


From what I've read, I believe that Neanderthals had some sort of rudimentary language. I suspect that 50, 000 years ago modern human language may also have been pretty rudimentary.

Author — Mary Foxworthy


I've always understood the "March of Progress" was indicative of a timeline of evolution, not a linear representation. I must have slept through that part.

Author — Mike Smith


Neanderthals would frequently make large amounts of birch tar, found on a large number of their tools.

Author — The Shamanite


Neanderthals were our cousins and even interbred to some extent with anatomically modern humans. I say we clone them and bring them back from extinction if we can.

Author — Armando Cardona


One of the major misconceptions is pronouncing the TH.

Author — The Black Dog Chronicles


Me, trying to comunicate with a Neanderthal: *grunts*
Neandertal (in British Mickey Mouse voice): I'm terribly sorry, but I didn't quite understand that, my good lad.

Author — Mr. Bonkers