What is a digital tax? | CNBC Explains

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What is a digital tax? | CNBC Explains 5

Countries around the world are pushing for a digital tax on tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. How would a digital tax work? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains.


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The fact that Bernie and trump actually agree on something lol

Author — Pmoose Travern


"Do tech companies pay their fair share in taxes?" No, but nor do non-tech companies. Moreover, the distinction between tech and non-tech companies is fast blurring. Even when governments realize that their taxation rules haven't kept pace, they are still asking outdated questions.

Author — PristinePerceptions


Microsoft be like : why they tax only Facebook Google Amazon and Apple 😭 !!? Come on I hit the trillion in valuation !!

Author — Scorest


What about Andrew Yang who brought this up in the debates ?

Author — The Weekend Recess


Could you investigate the Democratic Dividend proposal by Andrew Yang? On how giving each American a hundred bucks to give to their political party of preference could help improve democratic representation.

Author — Balram Trivedi


They just need to create a 10% flat tax rate for everybody and ban loopholes. I make a little under 45k and pay 30% in taxes.

Author — lotto


That’s the first time I have ever seen Trump and Sanders agree on something. It’s kind of beautiful actually.

Author — The Desi Vegan


So basically what Andrew yang proposed

Author — 200 subscribers With one video


Wherever these tech companies do business they should pay tax. Other companies are at a distinct disadvantage because they already do pay taxes. There should also be a complete overhaul of how these tech companies operate their businesses, they do not treat their workforce well at all even though they are intrinsic to the level of success these companies have achieved.

Author — Bessie Belle


Yeah made them pay taxes so that everything will become more expensive.

Author — Experience_Point


today, the storm coming my town but since I saw her, everything calm

Author — Mạnh Lâm


This is a new legislation coming online around the world. Refer Action plan 1 of OECD Taxation.

Not only France but every major economy is going to tax the tech giants.

Author — Mihir Thakkar


begin for all USA corporations to pay fair taxes in the USA

Author — Samuel Liu


If the companys are operating in a country they have to follow local tax laws. Company's base is moot in taxation argument.

Author — Mohit Kapoor


I think you guys should also dive a bit deeper into Artistic subjects like covering a big time Hollywood Director and the amount of money their movies have made. I would prefer a video on Chris Nolan

Author — Mr. Zeecon


U put a smile on my face Elizabeth Schulz every time u do an episode... wonder y had to decrease the frequency.
On the episode : It is double whammy of sorts. Put tax and the cost for consumers increase. Don't tax them & they increase their monopoly to destroy small traders (or force them to come over and then charge commission).
The politicians, if at all thinking about this, have a tough problem. It'll require a smart solution.

Author — Dikshant Jain


Good video, thank you! Governments will litterally invent ANYTHING to be able TAX. I liked Trumps reaction to the French idea to tax US companies..Trump will tax the French wine rendering it undrinkable !

Author — Financial Privacy


it's another fancy word that means nothing. every tax targets the consumers

Author — Aurobindo Ghosh


This should have been implemented on day 1 across the globe, as this is a digital product.

Author — Luxury Trading


At end consumer will pay be it any tax

Author — Akash B