Turkey's Syria offensive: Erdogan rules out ceasefire

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Turkey's Syria offensive: Erdogan rules out ceasefire 4.5
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dismissed a proposal for a ceasefire in
northeastern Syria, insisting the operation will continue until his country's objectives have been achieved.
But Erdogan finds himself on the back foot as the United States imposes sanctions and is sending a high-level delegation to Ankara, aimed at ending Turkey's offensive.
As the operation continues, Russia says its troops are now on patrol in northern Syria and have seized the strategically important city of Manbij.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports.

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Hahaha Erdoğan is actually happy that Syrian/Russian government is there. Erdoğan is a chess player.

Author — Destroy ZOG


America telling Turkey to stop the "invasion"...what about Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc...is there a place the Yanks didn't invade?!

Author — ned max


Pakistani nation stands with turkey n erdogen with the core of thier hearts.

Author — khan khan


The US is such a big failure when it comes to diplomacy, now soon the US base in Turkey should leave until sanctions are lifted

Author — general dealing


the usa knew about turkeys plans for a long time the theatre of war the sanctions against turkey will be lifted and if the syrians are lucky peace will arrive now that the usa is out.
peace will not happened in iraq afghanistan ukraine and all the other countrys occupied by the usa

Author — ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ


Turkey won this round he fooled the US they left now Syrian army is back and the Russians in that area no more ISIS command post by US

Author — Bambino Mustafe


for American mission accomplished, they destroyed Syria, so that they will never claim Golan Heights, the rest are collateral damages.

Author — Kaity Dunston


When America goes to Syria is fine but when Turkey does the same though they have an agreement with Syria it's an invasion. It's Superiority Complex stupid

Author — Muhammad abdallah said


Love Turkey
Support from Qashqai Turks 👌 🌹

Author — Haris Elas


I understand Turkish... 3.6 millions Refugees any country would ve done the same... America lecturing while they refuse to take in any refugee from Syria. You guys are a joke.

Author — Frenchkisssss


Translate "inshAllah" properly Al Jazeera, it's "God willing" not "I hope".

Author — Sofian


Tayyab Erdogan is Great Man and Great Leader Keep it up Mr. Tayyab Erdogan

Author — NayaPakistan2020 P


Pleased to have our Russian army moving in .

Author — Tibor Janik


Who can hear Ceddin Deden playing in the background?

Author — Fardeen Ahmed


Now those traitors KURDS raised Syrian flag after 8 years of war one time they even wanna create a invisible state with help from us



Bro if they call us invadors then am happy not because am an invadors but because am invading the hypocrites lands 😂

Author — Zeke


Funny how Iran is never mentioned in this so-called analysis. Iran and its allies are present in the east of Euphrates in Deir Zor and will definitely increase their presence now that US troops have left. Also, Iran has close ties with both Syria and Turkey and they're working behind the scenes to stop a possible war.

Author — Inquisitive


May ALLAH give victory to our Turkish army: love from Pakistan

Author — Adnan Rana


zeina starting to look like a witch or a zombie, , cant decide what



I didn't saw russian troops😳
could also be YPG/PYD/PKK with russian flag🤔
How come Video quality is so bad😂😂😂
Like Iraq, warmongers push for war with Turkey!
Look up turkish livefeed channels 24/7 from the border area....
Don't trust Mainstream Media after Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria...
Turkey-Syria Border 899km long,
Bufferzone 480km long 30km deep->this is what US warmongers call Invasion?!
Germany-France don't want refugees go back to syria, they want to create a terrorstate in north syria by YPG/PYD/PKK terrorists

Author — Soul Jaah