Brooklyn Museum: Integrated Pest Management

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Conservators and Collections staffs are concerned about pests in a museum environment. Insect pests such as silverfish, webbing clothes moths, carpet beetles and even cockroaches can cause damage to museum collections. At the Brooklyn Museum we practice Integrated Pest Management also known as IPM. This means that all staff members work together as a team to limit the impact pests have on the collections. When a bug or other pest is found anywhere in the building, it is captured and identified with its location to be added to a data base. In this way, we can located and eliminate hot spots of harmful pest activity.

To foster and maintain an environment that is unfriendly to pests, we encourage staff from all departments to practice good housekeeping. For this to be successful, we need the help of every single staff member. To encourage 100% participation, a team of staff from all departments got together to produce a public service announcement; an old school PSA on IPM. We hope you enjoy their creativity as much as we do!

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