we broke up and it saved our relationship

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we broke up and it saved our relationship 5

Sometimes it takes heartbreak and time apart to give a relationship a chance and Katy and I agreed it was time to open up about our breakup. To celebrate "2 years" together, Katy and I visited Cempedak Island, an Indonesian private island off the coast of Singapore and truly an incredible escape.

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I'll be launching my next video on Feb 5th so I'll see you then ;)

Author — Lost LeBlanc


They needed to break up so she could fart

Author — _Alysa_


Thanks for posting this. I really wish we had more of this honesty from influencers, and I’d like to see more honesty in the travel community in general. I just came back from one month in SE Asia, it was amazing, but I realised how much travel influencers gloss everything over - especially the down sides of travel and specific locations. Few care to mention the toxic air pollution, poor waste management, stray animals ect that haunt many of these ‘paradise’ locations. Talking about them may actually pressure authorities/ start vital conversations and awareness about these important issues. More transparency is something I’m going to implement in my own content going forward. Glad you got back together.

Author — On The Go With AC


My partner and I broke up having been together for almost a decade. We talked a lot during our time apart and realised we could fix the problem. Currently working on it and we're doing great. I applaud you for sharing your story. I think that's what a lot of people tend to miss is that life on Instagram is not what is really going behind closed doors. No relationship is perfect :)

Author — PSB


This is so strange. When one of the "couple goals" couples gets caught up in their own couple goals illusion... Wow.
I am glad you guys figured it out and are working through it. I dont like many of the bloggers vloggers, especially in couples, but you guys are pretty darn cool. And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Kathy is not from a typical 1st world country. She keeps it real and she has that natural charm about her. Best of luck!

Author — Jo Go


I heard someone once saying that in the old times' people use to fix their relationship, whereas nowadays some people just want to discard it or replace it which I believe is much more complicated.

Author — LeoP


Sometimes you need that moment apart to be truly grateful for each other. Relationships are tough and there will be so many ups and downs. But the true relationships will endure through even times where you feel like you don't belong to each other! Glad ya'll were able to make it through ❤️

Author — The Baalaers


Katy is for keeps ♥️ they say travel is the best test for relationships.

Author — Mary Gallardo


9:12 I thought it's the Philippines, but then I googled "how many islands in indonesia" bruh it's 18, 307 😮😮😮

Author — DevUI


"... I see qualities in Katy that I want to see in my wife." Wow, you couldn't break up for good even if you wanted to!! From day one I noticed a spark and connection between you two that I didn't see with your ex. I saw a long term relationship right then and there. You've matured, basically grown-up in front of the youtube camera. Yes, I'm ancient compared to you so I noticed! And you two are very much alike which makes me want to watch your channel even more. Your candidness about your temporary break-up shows maturity because life is a learning curve. Ups and downs everywhere and some curve balls in between. Nothing is easy. Happy anniversary and I know there will be more ahead. And keep up with the great work. Lots of love from a fellow Canuck from Montreal.

Author — 80sbabe


Love this! ❤️ So important to spread this message and stop people comparing themselves and their relationship to what they see online. So glad things worked out for you two!

Author — Jamie & Guy


if this is what you call a breakup, Then I pray everyone should have this kind of breakup...
you have setup breakup goal..❤❤

Author — Rajat Jain


The Key words “Someone willing to work with YOU” that’s all, most don’t want to change when they get to hard place. Because they have to change apart of themselves. Glad you guys realize that. Enjoy Relationship 2.0 till the next change. God Bless.

Author — TheMoshPosh


I can relate but love always prevails at the end❤️ we argued and I told my bf . I f we keep fighting or arguing over unnecessary stuffs. We don’t gain nothing we are both loser. Just being cool each other it makes us our relationship stronger. We are going to be 7yrs of dating🥰 who made mistakes . We apologize. My bf is older version of you. Sweet guy🤪

Author — marie smith


THIS IS EXACTALY WHERE MY LIFE WAS HEADING, thank you so much, gonna change the course so it not happen with us, this life, the hustle. 🙏

Author — Nós Dois Por Aí


Aaaww I could see the sadness on Kati’ s face ☹️ it’s sad but so glad you fixed things

Author — Mr and Mrs Living Life


This really made me so happy, to see the real side of things. I loved seeing this side of Katy. ❤️

Author — Regan M


19:40 thanks that's a good things to know

Author — MichaelJacksonBeLIEve


“Dont even try this. Its too much work”.

Awww!!! I love this and your edits are sooo goooodddd. Love ya guys!

Author — Mai Neng Vang


No more relationship, just partner of beautiful vlog.. sounds good

Author — Tukang Utak Atik