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Jordan when she first started her channel: writes a script, apologizes for cursing, is generally nervous

Jordan now: spends a minute gyrating before even starting the video

Author — Eliza


I definitely think youre crazy.... crazy good looking. 😉

Author — ZachAttacksFat


I think the problem is that people have misconceptions about how cancer itself works. Literally every person has some cancer-type cells in their body because it's just a mutated cell (which happens often because the cell-reproduction process can't be perfect all the time). Typically, mutated cells don't survive and we never notice them. Carcinogens are the things that keep the mutated cells from dying off so they keep reproducing in clumps (tumors). It might be possible that aspartame is a carcinogen, but honestly most of the things we eat every day have some level of carcinogens in them. Our bodies are so strong and complex and they can handle a lot!! Also, cancer doesn't care how healthy we are. You could be the healthiest person on the planet and still get cancer because everyone goes through cell-reproduction. You could eat literal garbage everyday and not get cancer. Every body is different. Aspartame probably won't make any difference in your likelihood of developing cancer because (usually) our bodies can handle the carcinogens in our food.

Author — Jenelle Hartzell


GIRL, when you started saying ‘it’s because I like aspartame’, an ad cut in so it sounded like you said ‘it’s because I like ass’ 😂

Author — Holly Thistle


The one with "how we know stuff is real" keeps me up at night

Author — Diana Totos


Domesticated rats are (in general) prone to cancer. That’s why I don’t put much stock in those studies. How do we know the product is causing the cancer and not the fact that they are rats prone to cancer?

Author — Chris Carrington


I don't drink artificial sweeteners. I am too lazy to actually post it and it's youtube comments anyway, but they aren't too good for you. It tricks your brain into thinking you have had a sugar hit and insulin is released so it can lead to overeating. They are also really nasty for gut bacteria. Gut flora is more often being connected to weight and general health. If I am going to sin, I am going to sin. If I want something sweet, give me sugar.

Author — Mr500sheetsofpaper


Giving me Shane and Trisha realness 😂💗

Author — Leonie Thompson


I think anyone who has played the sims has asked themselves that exact question! Is anything even real?!

Author — adcs2323


I often wonder stuff about color. red the same red for everyone? How would you know? You can't change how your eye ball works. Maybe to some one else, red is blue. Or at least your red and blue.

Author — Miss Natcula


“Please do not unsubscribe”. 🤣🤣🤣 you’re hilarious!

Author — CindyandLily


I agree with you that they are keeping cures from us and everything surrounding that, its scary to talk about but they def arent telling us everything!

Author — jenn hisko


Shane barely does conspiracy theories anymore😭

Author — Bray


Can you make a video on how to make that veggie chili?

Author — Akemi L


The nice thing about real science is peer review! This means that thousands of other scientists who are experts in the field get to call someone out on their shit if they are being ridiculous in a paper. So you can rest assured that if you're doing research and see an accepted scientific theory that means that thousands of scientists have done experiments, research, and gone through the scientific method! Hooray!

Author — Sarah Young


So I lost 130lbs too a few years ago, and I used to be addicted to flavored water. Like the carbonated flavored water that you can get at Safeway or Walmart or whatever. And one of the only ingredients in the giant bottles I would get was aspartame. So I really don’t believe aspartame makes you gain weight. Because I drank at least a liter of it every single day and lost all that weight.

Author — Ashleysart Attack


My mom works in stem cell research...they are getting closer to cures for some things but if they had them they would already be available and would just cost insane amounts. Big pharma simply does not profit from keeping cures a secret.

Big pharma is evil in the sense that they can intentionally inflate the prices on already available lifesaving medications. There's a guy who raised a medicine's price by 5, 500% and it was totally legal.

Author — Julia


I have pancreatic cancer. My monthly medications total close to $10, 000. So of course I believe that I'm a human lab rat that could definitely be cured but I'm just too useful for their studies. ( That's my opinion)

Author — JCB MaMa


Haha I stopped drinking diet sodas because aspartame contains phenylalanine which depletes serotonin which can trigger panic attacks and episodes of depression.

Author — Kristin R.


Have you looked into skepticism? Like, the actual philosophy? There's definitely a lot of people who agree with you. I get you on the dinosaur thing. I just found out they're not these scaly lizards, they looked like birds! Everything I thought about dinosaurs because of what I was taught is WRONG.

Author — Madi Rodgers