FIFA 20 | Team of the Year Reveal Trailer

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

From the streets to the stadium, experience two sides of the World’s Game in FIFA 20 - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA FOOTBALL.


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This must be the first time in like 10 years that Ronaldo hasn’t got a TOTY

Author — Marcus Rashford


How is Lewandowski not a TOTY??
HE had a better season than Mbappe

More goals
more records broken

Author — kasspeross.


Nice job! Keep your grind STRONG & keep uploading unique good content fam ❤️

Author — Sniping Machines


que genios son, en todo le ponen ganas y queda tremendo!!! falta que le den un poco mas de vista a las ligas sudamericanas y seria completo <3

Author — Nose


5/11 TOTY Players are Liverpool players that just shows how good Liverpool have been performing for the past 2 years.
Absolute class! 👑

Author — Venomixer


I was expecting Van Dijk to say “Should be more”

Author — Ramen


Toty without Ronaldo is like Fifa without Juven---
Oh wait

Author — Vincenzo Cantarero


So excited to see alisson in game he really deserved it this year good on him and andy and trent

Author — Terrified Turtle


De ligt sitting on the bench
EA: he is playing good let’s give him a toty

Author — Tijl Proost


Love the untradable pack rewards for every new SBC! Best way to pack already untradable cards I have, co I can discard them! <3

Author — sharkey998


Je souhaite à tout le monde de packer du très très lourd ❤️

Author — Captaino_10


Great Trailer, but this year's one is way more emotional I think!

Author — Kevin Hermann


Where is Lewandowski🇵🇱? 54 goals in 2019, more than anyone, Messi 50 goals, Mbappe 44 goals...

Author — Milan Calmo


Lewandowski scores goals and carries Bayern. Mbappe just loses to the Man Utd reserve team

Author — Mythical Phoenix


Lewandowski scored the most goals in this year.
EA: Imma out here!

Author — maxponny


Make sure that the community card is lewandowski. He deserves it more than anyone

Author — Kerke463


Bonne mise a jour avec de nouveaux éléments amélioration d ultimate team ainsi que les affiche du match mais dessus au niveau du jeu
Par exemple le niveau ultime présente le mouvement des joueurs comme celui des fifa 19 beaucoup de déséquilibre exagération surtout sur la vitesse de certain joueur qui ont la capacité de rattraper les plus rapides sinon dans l ensemble bonne mise à jour mais déçu sur ce point que j ai évoqué 💔

Author — Niska Lebgofficiel


Lewandowski has to get a Toty this year!!!

Author — Raphael Baier


See need more of this, brings back old 2014 vibes.

Author — Mister Wiakers


In The Striker position should be lewadowski instead of Mpappe

Author — panagsamo4