Top 10 Best Eurovision Performances

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Top 10 Best Eurovision Performances 4

00:48 #10: “It’s My Life”
01:46 #9: “Heroes”
02:33 #8: “Hold Me”
03:21 #7: “Dschinghis Khan”
04:08 #6: “Wild Dances”
05:09 #5: “Rise Like a Phoenix “
06:03 #4: “We Could Be The Same”
07:00 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Get your hands on some Eurovision SWAG

Author —


I just watched the Netflix movie. I can not believe this is real.

Author — BATpixi


"We were surprised that Finland sent a heavy metal song"
Yeah were you really

Author — Mathilde


I can’t believe the Americans are only just discovering the zaniness and insanity of Eurovision 😂😂😂😂

Author — Emperor Reign


"We are surprised that Finland sent a heavy metal band to represent them"

*What drug are you smoking*

Author — Nina


I love how confused non-europeans are at this.

Author — Mariana Gaioso


I saw Eurovision fire saga and thought the songs were over the top. After watching this I realize fire saga was a documentary

Author — Valentino Lopez


"we were surprised that finland sent a heavy metal band"

How to tell that someone is not european

Author — Lena p


I can't believe some people never heard of Eurovision before that Netflix movie (which I haven't watched). Eurovision only brought us some of the world's biggest talents such as ABBA and Celine Dion.

Author — Jean Eugene Guan


FIRE SAGA!!! I'm just another annoying American who discovered that this was a real thing. Hamster wheel and all! Thank you Europe

Author — TADAH66


"We were suprised that Finland sent a heavy metal band" Yeah because for a country that has the most heavy metal bands per capita it is just so weird for them to send a heavy metal band.

Author — 9 year old epic gamer soldier


Whose here because of Will Farrell movie on Netflix?

Author — viengthevidproduction


this would be more fun to watch if the narrator would just SHUT UP

Author — L. Alba


I don't care, I only want to hear YA YA DING DONG!

Author — cw95an


Mojo... no one clicked here to listen to y’all speak over the singers 😅

Author — Shell Shocked


Jesus it's too bad you can't shut up long enough for us to hear the songs.

Author — Christian Ruocco


1:51 ”stupid sexy swedish Måns”
*any eurovision fan about Måns*

Author — rasmus eklund


To our American Cousins. Eurovision is actually a big deal to a lot of People. They have Eurovision Parties and singalongs. It's just awesome, harmless Joy!

Author — Dave Parnell


I wish I weren’t American. I should have known about this since birth. Instead I got Idol.

Author — Bradford Whelan


Here because of Will Ferrell's Eurovision movie 😂 who else?

Author — Erik Smith