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PBS - Cathedral - David Macaulay 4.5

Author David Macaulay hosts CATHEDRAL, based on his award-winning book. Using a combination of spectacular location sequences and cinema-quality animation, the program surveys France's most famous churches. Travel back to 1214 to explore the design of Notre Dame de Beaulieu, a representative Gothic cathedral. The program tells period tales revealing fascinating stories of life and death, faith and despair, prosperity, and intrigue.

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I see people asking if others got this for homework like 5 years ago...
me in quarantine:
Well yes, but actually no.

Author — EarthCone2


does anybody else have to do this crap for online school??

Author — Mette


I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid- I almost had this and the Castle one memorized! Now I'm getting my MA in Medieval History, and I still love this to bits- thanks for being a childhood hero, David Macauley!

Author — Ofelia May


35 years later and I still love these masterpieces from David Macaulay; although today, it's with a heavy heart. I just can't fathom the amount of work it will take to bring her back. It will take time, but I believe.

Author — Frank NStein


Has anyone else noticed that the merchant never ages?

Author — Hexenjager


0:20 4/15/2019

*history repeats itself*

Author — Fashion and the Kicks


"He was buried in North Africa. God rest his soul"


Author — BMT


In 1996 I used pictures from the book to make a pattern for a cathedral I erected from gingerbread. I even had stained glass windows, made from crushed hard candies and melted into place in the pieces themselves. I won first place in the contest. That sucker was huge, just have weighed about twenty five pounds.

Author — Denise Eulert


This is what ia happening now the cathedral is on fire :( close to 1000 years old in golsh by fire :, (

Author — Thomas Pablo


Thanks for posting-I remember watching this in my high school French class and thinking at the time how interesting it was to see how these beautiful structures were built. After the fire at Notre Dame yesterday this has an even deeper significance for me.

Author — Cherie Steigerwald


I love this one the best. It gives me a warm feeling. The framework is so good. Its engaging without being condescending, its a bit funny. Its such a simple sorry as ordinary people live their lives in search of a dream. I think it is a movie about Christian History. All the extremists whether atheists or fundamentalists should take a look at this movie about a quest for God in our world. It is not about achievement of some state if Grace by being better then your neighbor, its not about damnation. It is a greater reward. That if you persevere over hypocrisy, over bureacracy and even the laws of physics themselves with the true power of God you can win out. Not because you are special. And you might never see your dreams. There is no substitute for that Faith. not money not gold not even the Cathedral itself. I like this one I still have it on Vhs.

Author — Draqonelle1


With the recent tragedy of Notre Dame being partially destroyed by fire, here's hoping the rebuilding efforts will take much faster than the fifty plus years it took to build Notre Dame de Beaulieu. A beautiful animated narrative that shows fictional characters revolving around real life situations from the history of these magnificent structures throughout the world.

Author — Kei Fox


I loved these documentaries when I got to watch them in school. I was thinking about this one last night because of Notre Dame.

Author — Anna Ferrara


The statues at 6:40-6:44 is the tomb of Dagobert I king of France from 629-639 and at 6:54-7:00 is at Reims at the right side of the right doorway and they depict Simeon the God Receiver, John the Baptist and Isaiah

Author — britainluver431


24:30 I immediately busted out laughing!

Author — Marksman2oo7


David Macaulay was a childhood hero of mine...adored all of his books. Didn't have or watch much TV growing up either, so I missed all these wonderful shows. Have to say...wow, what a gorgeous woman, whoever she is.

Author — Jim Pollard


@11:08 “that should lessen the danger of fire” - oh boy...

Author — Littleathquakes


We must send a letter... to the pope!!

Author — Jacob McLane


Flashbacks to French class in the eighties!!

Author — L V


They really need to update all of these. Cathedral, Castle, Pyramid...etc.

A great way to learn about structures that were built to last. Everyone these days think it couldn't have been done so it had to be inspired by aliens. That's crap....man can do such great things.

Author — James Smith