UK parliament rejects Boris Johnson’s call for an early election - BBC News

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UK parliament rejects Boris Johnson’s call for an early election - BBC News 4

The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has suffered two major setbacks to his Brexit strategy. Members of parliament (MPs) backed a bill aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit, triggering his call for an early general election on October 15th. However, he suffered another big loss as the House of Commons rejected it.

The bill to block a no-deal Brexit passed all its stages in the Commons, with the support of most of the opposition parties as well as some Conservative rebels, as they tried to push it through ahead of parliament being suspended next week. It is now being debated in the House of Lords.

The latest stage in the Brexit battle has exposed deep divisions within the Conservative Party. Last night 21 members of parliament were suspended from the party, including former Chancellor Philip Hammond and party grandees such as Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, and the longest serving MP -- former Chancellor Ken Clarke.

The BBC’s Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar looks at what might happen next - as the cross-party alliance of MPs try to block a no-deal Brexit and force another delay unless a deal is agreed.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s Brexit coverage.

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this will be a Netflix series in 10 years

Author — T Ast


I'm really enjoying this final season of the UK.

Author — 2LegHumanist


It was Brexit-End Game but now is Brexit-Infinity War 😂😂😂

Author — Samangz WA


The way things are carrying on we might as well get colonised by uganda

Author — Robert a


So, I'm an American from literally half a world away [US West Coast], and I'm only informed on the Brexit issues to a casual degree. However, I have British friends and recognize that this is a major political issue in their lives that directly effects their livelihood.
As a historian and an outsider, I'm seeing the Brexit issue as being a major crossroads in the UK's politics. This might very well be the 'Policy of Appeasement' or the 'Retreat from Empire' for this generation of British voters.
On a more personal note, I'm sort of, well, encouraged I guess, that the US isn't the only democracy to lose its Goddamn mind since 9/11.
Good luck and Godspeed to Great Britain as she wrestles with this issue. Just like your upstart colony across the pond, you seem to have found yourself with major issues on your plate and a lousy set of politicians who are doing a lousy job of dealing with them.

Author — Carl Hicks Jr


Just vote mr bean as pm he would sort it

Author — Dan The car guy


What a great episode. Brexit drama getting better and better.

Author — Andu Preda


Got to be in control to lose it! World politics at the moment demonstrates that any nuffers can be elected. We blame them but the reality is people in the constituencies vote these people in. Societies and communities need to have a hard look at what we stand for and elect smarter people.

Author — James Ritchie


Clapping inside the OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

Author — Bobby Elliott


Face it the politicians just don’t want to leave

Author — Poke Hype


That’s it now I’m moving to bongo bongo land ... oh wait I’m already here

Author — Oscar Lee


Of course they would. They realise many of them won’t be re-elected and they are trying to pro-long their survival.

Author — Broadside


Just in case you were under the misguided belief that our country was being led by intelligent, right-minded and ethical adults, watch 5-minutes of house debates...

Author — Thomas Oxford


From a third person's perspective one can only recall one word to describe the goings on...."SHENANIGANS"

Author — Andi Dufresne


Am I the only one who thinks highlights of government look like children throwing insults on the playground rather than professionals trying to run a country? 😒

Author — LexiconWaffle


I love British comedy :). This is one of the best TV series in decades.

Author — Orient Shock


I love how the British keep talking about yet another extension as if the EU will give one...

Author — Tyrone Johnson


Politicians? Never heard of them, we only have screaming children

Author — The Senate


They have an award for politician of the year. Hang my head and fall of my horse. Who votes for these people.

Author — steven mazur


When will the British public wake up. They have never had democracy, they have serfdom to the Square Mile.

Author — David Young