Winning WIFE Answers That Will Make Your Laugh With Steve Harvey On Family Feud USA

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Winning WIFE Answers That Will Make Your Laugh With Steve Harvey On Family Feud USA 4.5

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If Randa got a husband being this loud and annoying.
Do not lose your Hope ladies.

Author — Clara Montgomery


Randa might be the most annoying contestant ever on the show.

Author — Curtis Douglas


Waiting on this Randa everybody is talking about
Edit: Nevermind

Author — Nova Love


answer: *is right*

Randa: *happy dinosaur screams*

Author — #TEAMWOLFY Sher 14


Randa was screaming very loud, over acting and took the fun out of the show.

Author — Ali Baba


When people talks about Randa from the comments.... OH! I still was not ready.

Author — Joe O.


Jeezus Christ, I wish that, Randa, would stfu. How could anyone be around such a loud mouth? Oh my, God! That scream is just too much.

Author — Cumulo Nimbus


I've been watching Family Feud since Richard Dawson all the hosts for Family Feud have been okay but Steve Harvey makes Family Feud more funny then it ever has much respect and appreciation for Steve Harvey

Author — Robert Rhymes RCG


Contestant: My answer is gonna be...


Author — LeandrothekidRS


How was "legs" not up there?? Them thick, shapely legs. Which damn men did they ask??

Author — Ya Boi Link


When I saw Randa screaming after every correct answer, boy did I hope she would mess up real bad. And yup, she got roasted by Steve for saying an answer that was already up there.

Author — Lam Bo Xian


Women love their legs it's an answer that should be on the Andrew was right

Author — roldy cadet


Travis looks like he would rather chew his own leg off, than to go home to Randa one more time... and I can fully understand him.

Author — Ferenc Kiss


I love how Steve prefixes female contestants of a certain age and above as 'Miss'. That sort of gentlemanly behaviour is rare these days

Author — Rob Yates


Perky pooper? And Dairy Cannons? Bringing the Glee to the "V" !? They come.up w the weirdest wording sometimes

Author — Steph Daigle


"Perky Pooper", "Dairy Cannons?" Really!

Author — mojKuwety


Steve was probably praying for Randa to lose and never come back...


Author — Luis Trejo


Honey boo boo grew up fast (time) 10:52

Author — Ryan Rashad


I know that American game show contestants are usually a bit, shall we say, 'extra'.

But Lordy, how on earth do you explain Randa?

Author — eclectica1


How the hell would any man put up with that screaming from Randa?

Author — RonnyDonny13