Odell Beckham Jr vs Chris Harris Jr (2019) OBJ & Jarvis Landry get HEATED at Baker! (WR vs CB)

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Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry match up against Chris Harris Jr and the Broncos.

Baker Mayfield leads the Cleveland Browns against the Denver Broncos in a week 9 highlight NFL game

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Where does Odell rank among the games best receivers? Who deserves more of the blame between OBJ, Baker, the offensive line, play calling etc?

Author — NFL Matchup Highlights


Baker is not very good at scanning the field and finding targets. On top of that he isn’t as accurate as he was before. I can see why Odell is frustrated at this point and I would be too if I were him. Baker needs to get better ASAP!

Author — Bronson Hakkei


Lmao when I used to play QB at school id always throw it to our star WR. Sometimes he was double covered the man would be either catch it or make sure nobody did.

Author — J G


A perfect example on why you should give OBJ the ball.

Author — B-DuBOfficial


Now we all know why he went to the browns

Author — greyscale dub


Odell should go to the saints for a better quarterback and a smarter team

Author — Anthony Bostwick


See that play at 2:25 is the Odell we need to see every week and what made him a house hold name. Lets see what happens on Sunday

Author — BowlesMovement08


Obj is still top tier you cant forget he had eli manning as a qb now Baker there's a huge difference

Author — Verxcy


Man if Odell stayed on the giant’s I wouldn’t care at least he would have somebody who would throw the ball more

Author — Darryl rivers


He switched shoes then more catches he had🤣😂😂

Author — Braden Barberio


Mayfield has two of the (probable) top 10 relievers splitting the D talent. Opened up by two super legit running backs running downhill. If he can't make this work, its ALL on him as far as I'm concerned.

Author — Sean Donoghue


Obj deserves way more credit
Everyone like "he only got one good play" but if you look at it he is among the top 5 receivers in the league
He just never had the QB or offense to make him succesful

Author — Yuva The Beast


Baker is the new Johnny, Odell and Jarvis be wide open sometimes and baker just run the ball selfish ass. I’m not even gonna cap Odell and Jarvis should go to the Steelers lol

Author — ERROR Productions


They probably didn't want OBJ getting his poopy hands all over the ball



what a time to recommend odell to me huh YouTube?

Author — rochee


I mean if Odell wants niners would welcome him with open arms but I don’t see that happening if he did go man aiyuk Deebo and him sheesh

Author — Francisco Figueroa


4:37-4:41 speaking facts. (Beside Julio and Hopkins)

Author — sarhenty


Odell's used to getting shit on anyway

Author — Devlin Miller


I wish he stayed with the Giants he would’ve been way better with Daniel Jones

Author — MellowSquash


he’s just in a shitty position not his fault

Author — CatShow02 YT