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Spice Cup Round 1
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Levy not just giving $100k to children playing chess through his scholarship program. He's also going to tournaments to also give them all his rating points. Remarkable.

Author — Łukasz


"engine hates it, but the engine doesn't understand my style of chess"

I'm gonna live by this quote lmao

Author — Tarkus Von Tortellini


I love the fact that Levy is finding lines for every opening that resemble the caro

Author — Izaak Valadez


Levy: "Why are all these e4 players playing d4 against me?"
Also Levy: "So I played this move because now the pawn structure is like an exchange caro"

Author — Dylan S


"The engine hates it but the engine doesn't understand my style of chess" - Levy 2021😂 legendary stuff there

Author — Leander Taruvinga


who could win :
1) international master
2) random kid who knows knights can move backwards



Good luck Levy! We are all rooting for you.

Author — Jon Mason


Hey Levy, don't worry, I know that I'm only rated 638, but I'm here to guide you through this tournament ;-)

Also, great game and great recap

Author — Travis Simon


One of things that I've theorized is that kids are vastly underrated because of the pandemic. I think they spent a lot more time being able to train than they could have done before. From this game that's what I think happened. Good luck Levi in round 2!

Author — DarealMVP 24


“It’s really hard to win a game when your opponent plays so well.” Pretty much sums up my chess life … good luck Levy!

Author — Matthew Kirkhart


Every e4 Player doesn't play e4 against Levy because of his caro. Levy finds a way to play it anyways.
Good luck Levy and crush with your openings!

Author — BWBH


Hey Gotham, when you have time, could you make a video about stalemates, not just what it is, but how to set it up, common endgames that are draws because of stalemate and how to get them. We always see grandmaster, ( and Eric Rosen ) set up insane stalemates that get a draw, could you teach us some common patterns as puzzles will never give you a lost position where you can set stalemate trap. Thanks if you consider it, if it’s a terrible idea just ignore this comment.

Author — Ronin Nib


Kids are scary because they haven't had time to earn all the rating points. So lower rated kids that are improving are usually playing at a much higher level.

Author — Geoff K


Levy: I'm gonna reroute my pieces, create an attack, possibly stay solid...
Stockfisch: haha backward pony move

Author — Ilya CHU


Posting your own tournament recaps are my favourite videos of yours.

Author — Mastro Massacre


I always love how much credit you give your opponents. Such a great sport win lose or draw

Author — Ethan Walters


Thank you for posting this video. I am currently grinding 3 engineering projects at once and this at least gives me a little break throughout the night to watch some fun content. Cheering for you in your tournament, good luck!!

Author — Denis Rodriguez


Bryan was born in 2019? Wow these prodigies getting younger and younger.

Author — Benjamin G


This kind of commentary is so much more interesting than some third party evaluating other peoples games. And a lot of those are already interesting. Good luck Levy.

Author — Kyle Gifford


Love that you are willing to stay up and give us a recap. Lots of love.

Author — Komet