Why Emulating Nintendo Games Is Good, Probably (The Jimquisition)

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Kotaku got itself told off by the gaming community for allegedly encouraging piracy. This is because it wrote about Metroid Dread being emulated in 4K, a news story that is news.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has made a great case for emulation by offering a premium subscription service that offers access to a selection of easily obtainable ROMs. The value just isn't there.

So, let's talk about emulation, Nintendo, and why companies need to better rather than expect us to pretend downloadable alternatives to their own storefronts don't exist.

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I feel myself die a little inside when I hear people cheering a company saying they promise we won't exploit you this time.

Author — Darlkin


Hearing Sterling take every opportunity to give Ubisoft a proverbial kick in the shin each time Ubisoft is mentioned makes me smile.

Author — Skelehertz


Another point in favor of emulation: accessibility for disabled people. Nintendo first party games do not allow remapping controls or using special filters for visually impaired people. Even if they are inforcing certain control scheme, their games should offer full alternative options. And, usually, only emulation provides that.

Author — Bruno Soares de Andrade


Most legacy games wont ever see the light of day due to copyrights being held by too many companies. Pirate the shit out of them.
That being said, Support Indie Devs.

Author — Eric Deming


If someone told me "I promise not to murder you", I would probably not want to stay in the same house as them let alone the same city.

Also, emulation is honestly the best chance games have to be preserved throughout time. People working on emulators are very particular when it comes to coding accurate emulation -- I'd say more so than any game developer probably is.

Fun random fact: Nintendo once had an FAQ page on their support site (circa 2010's) where they claimed it was illegal to emulate games even if you owned a legitimate copy. In many places, you have the right to back up your content for personal usage. Whether you have the means to dump the data is irrelevant because it's all just the same 1's and 0's being saved (glossing over minor revisions of course).

The closest Nintendo had to offering a convenient service was probably the Wii Virtual Console. Back in it's hay day, I invested quite a bit in it because I saw value in it. However, with the Wii Shop Channel shutting down in 2019, and my SD card containing a decent chunk of my titles lost, I have been left stranded with no way to acquire the content I legally purchased. Those situations make you feel like such a valued customer.

Author — AMD2600


"I don't think its reasonable to make someone pay for a game and then make them prepare a network connection and charge a monthly fee”
-Satoru Iwata

Author — Tom Holmes


Remember the tournament that wanted to use an emulated version of Melee because it would allow for netplay during a pandemic where playing in person would be dangerous? Remember when people were mad that Nintendo shut down the tournament despite providing no alternative method to play the game in a modern setting? Sure would be nice if people kept that attitude every time the subject of Nintendo emulation came up.

Author — Star out of Space


Something I'd love for you to point out next time. Is that there is a massive fanbase behind emulation.
You can play tons of older games at a much better, crisp resolution.
There are fan translations for many games that never released in English. (and other languages)
There are texture packs and mods to give games a new look.
There are fan hacks that can change a game in many ways. You ever wanted to go through a game again like you didn't know the secrets? Maybe you can!
Also, bug fixes. many many games have fan made bug fixes. it's crazy!
I love the emulation community.

If you've ever put your hard work and time into making a game/s better for us plebs. thank you.

Author — NewAgeRed


Considering that you could fit the entire N64/Genesis library on a cheap USB stick and have it running better on an emulator - paying $50 USD a year for access to only a couple games from OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO is laughable.

Author — The Zatzman


I've always been a copyleft advocate, long before I knew the cool software nerd term for it. Donationware is a pretty good model and has been fairly successful for indie devs.

Author — Felis Impurrator


I’ve seen plenty of Metroid fans telling the newcomers that if they want to experience the previous games they should emulate, because obtaining a legit copy of older games is such a ludicrous chore and Nintendo doesn’t release them on the eshop for some reason. Digital piracy is a service problem.

Author — Yevaud


We live in the timeline with NFTs. Not every artist deserves respect.

Author — Mloclam


Gamerz: kotaku is a joke and no one takes them seriously

also gamerz: kotaku made a article pointing out an emulation, its gonna cause people to not buy the game and it will hurt the sales.

Author — Digital Shinigami


My reaction to hearing that Dread can be emulated is just "Nice, now more people will be able to play this amazing game."

Author — WanderingRandomer


Hey I haven’t watched you in a while, but after hearing you came out I wanted to congratulate you. That’s an extremely brave thing for you to do and I’m sorry to hear assholes have been harassing you for it

Author — Mr. Bubbles


I genuinely cannot accept the fact that there exist people in this world so vociferously defensive of a corporation that doesn’t give a shit about anything about them except for their money that they will treat people emulating games (that cannot be acquired from the fist-hand publisher and can only be played on an emulator) like they’re criminals. It’s so outlandish that it defies all logic.

Author — 5Oblivion


I feel myself represented in this video, specially regarding the sheer amount of subscription services avaliable, thank God for you, Sterling.

Author — Andre Lopes


As a Nintendo fanboy I can say I agree completely. I love Nintendo's games. But they can do better as a company and people need to stop coddling them.

Author — Lomecron


First video of yours I've ever seen, and honestly the first time I've even heard of your channel. But based on this video alone I've immediately subscribed. Awesome stuff.

Author — Salt Lake Atrocity


Got the top end Anbernic, thank you Jim-Steph what a lovely device! Can't wait to get it, too bad no shipping from US right now. :/

Author — Nobody Important