China is erasing its border with Hong Kong

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China is erasing its border with Hong Kong 4.5

The border has an expiration date.

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When Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997, Chinese leaders agreed that Hong Kong would be able to keep its economic and political systems, including some of the civil freedoms denied to China’s citizens on the mainland, for the next 50 years.

Although Hong Kong still has nearly 30 years of semi-autonomy left, China has started tightening its grip, and many believe it is chipping away at Hong Kong’s freedoms. In this episode, I explore how Hong Kong is dealing with the looming deadline and China’s premature moves.

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Imagine having an expiration date on freedom

Author — Lpecc Hallo


Oh look, turns out that China broke its promise. Didn't see that one coming...

Author — Ron Ronson


"Single party rule" is a fancy way of saying dictatorship

Author — Lucas


This week the US declared that Hong Kong is no longer an autonomous region and shall be treated the same as the rest of China, The UK will be accepting refugees from Hong Kong

Author — Tomás cinnsealeach


To be fair, the US is not really a multi-party system. It's a two-party system.

Author — David McGuinness


That bridge is an engineering marvel. The geopolitics of it is not.

Author — Mister Burkes


once they join china they'll loose their internet freedom.

Author — ETERNAL effect


2020, China winding up the clock.

Britain has offered citizenship to the people of Hong Kong.

Author — That Guy


1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a reality.

Author — 1,000 Subscribers with no videos Challenge


Hong Kong: *slowly identifies itself as Chinese*
China: *begins trying to speed up the rate they become Chinese*
Hong Kong:*identifies itself as Hong Kong*
China: *Surprise Pikachu Face*

Author — Wilian Rodrigues


Who's watching in July 2020 when China just implemented the Security Law

Author — heidi kurz


China has done same with, Taiwan & Tibet

Author — Shantanu


China: We will give them 50 years of independence.
Also China: GAS GAS GAS

Author — Spookaj


YouTube when they see 2:22 and 10:22
*Hippity hoppity, your money is my property*

get it because of demonetisation

Author — Fishy


I would rather my country be invaded by aliens than china invading my country

Author — Misaki


"The Bookstore Employee" story seems straight out of the book 1984.

Author — Nikhil Prakash


Britain and China fought a couple of wars over "trade"

Opium: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Bowen Yu


Correction. Has erased the border with Hong Kong.

Author — Trollsif Stalin


Dudeeee... the guy from the bookstore made me tear up. Of course he didn’t mean that. He was terrified and forced to say that

Author — Isaiah Herve


When I studied abroad in Hong Kong last summer I had no idea I would be witnessing such a unique city in its last few months :(

Author — Greg Huang