WATCH: New York Governor Cuomo delivers update on coronavirus

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WATCH: New York Governor Cuomo delivers update on coronavirus 2

New York Governor Cuomo delivers update on coronavirus

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Cuomo is it true in the NY State Budget you made it a Felony for DMV to give any information on an illegal alien to any immigration agency? They have more rights then citizens. Why for your political gain?

Author — Fred Brent


He put into the stste Budget that it is now a felony for DMV to give any information to any immigration Agency on illegal aliens. They now have more rights than me a citizen.

Author — Sam Stone


FACT: Governor Andrew Cuomo murdered more Americans than were killed on
911...and he is laughing just as loudly as those who took pleasure in
the fall of the Twin Towers.

Author — Jonathan Froger


Seems new york suffers from cuomovirus

Author — Insignificant Other


You should be held accountable... for forcing sick new yorkers into nursing homes, for stealing ventilators from upstate NY, for lying about the number of deaths to get federal aid.. for your inability to balance the states budget.. for the safe act. For religious persecution, for forcing small businesses to go under, for keeping people at home without pay for months, the horrible condition of our roads and bridges.. and many more ugly, middle of the night orders that seem to always bypass legislation.. Andrew Cuomo im ashamed you represent me in government.. you're a fascist, i think it's time you hang up hat and find a new job as an essential worker.. like you told the rest of us to do..

Author — Trever Whoever


The washed up celebs act like there's a gun under the table.

Author — Edward Vargas- RWL WRESTLING


The midnight angels ( night staff & nurses using the pillow over the face ) murder the old people in hospitals after midnight. Then say they died of CV19..



What's the nipple-ring elderly mass murderer have to say ? You people let this happen right in front of you !!! 🙏✝️ Pray for forgiveness .

Author — Tim Bourque


I also believe community leaders are falsifying numbers to open regardless like some state leaders like FL.

Author — Wolf'Jarl Gr'Bane


That's what you are complaining about, DMV, rights? By the way taking your info from the DMV is okay American or not right?

Author — Wolf'Jarl Gr'Bane


Has anyone asked him about this ...Andrew Cuomo
Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home executives after big campaign donations
Critics say data proves New York’s liability shield is linked to higher nursing home death rates during the pandemic

Author — Enigma 01


Mortality rate for coronavirus is 1% for the general public.
Mortality rate for coronavirus is 45% for Cuomo’s NY nursing homes.

Author — Steven Capfield


Interesting that Cuomo. was the chosen one to execute all elderly in New York....Like all liberal leftist he want to kill everyone, that doesn't agree with him or gets in the way. How are the elderly in the way? In his opinion, like most leftist feel, if we assassinate all elderly, we won't have to take care of them. So Ocrona virus came along, and was the perfect scapegoat.

Author — Robert Ellis


Governor Cuomo is helping unemployed by giving money from unemployment, & helping financially those who can't work because of covid & can't raise their family due to financial troubles by giving them extra funds to help out. What do you want this man to do? Everyone has some negative b. s about him but TBH, he's handling everything really well & am proud to call him our governor 💪

Author — Al Barky


Chris Rock is NOT a Brooklyn born resident. Chris was born and raised in Andrews, South Carolina.

Author — Nio Phoenix WWG1WGA #TakeTheOath


If you're reading this, I hope you, your friends and your family are safe from the coronavirus!

Author — MARWKA


Update New York’s nursing home horrors are even worse than you think

By Betsy McCaughey

May 29, 2020 | 7:58pm | Updated

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Health Department mandated on March 25 that nursing homes had to accept coronavirus patients and barred requiring any COVID-19 tests for admission. Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Patricia Castillo remembers when the Newfane Rehab and Health Care Center, where her mother lived, notified her that a patient had just been admitted from a nearby Niagara County hospital with COVID-19.

Jill Sawyer, whose father lived at the same nursing home, remembers getting notified, too. “It was just a death sentence, ” said Sawyer. The virus raced through Newfane, killing Castillo’s mother and Sawyer’s father and 24 other residents.

“My father was only 70 years old, ” Sawyer sighs, and he was still “shuffling around and calling me 20 times a day.” Now, she says the phone doesn’t ring and she misses that.

COVID-19 has killed at least 11, 000 to 12, 000 nursing-home and assisted-living residents in New York, nearly double what the state admits to. And as the deaths mount,  so have the lies and cover-ups.

Author — Americans Are assholes


he said yahoo is fake news and we agree

Author — 1PandaArmy4777


Thank you Gov. Cuomo for your briefings and for respectfully answering questions. I pray that you and other governors will continue to support those of us who need your honesty and your efforts to find ways for us to save lives of our friends and loved ones. Thank you!!!!

Author — Deanna Delmar


Tyranny. People need to upon there oath to office and realize these politicians have defiled there oaths in office, arrest these left wing quaks

Author — 888 lovechrist