CLOSE CALLS!!! A380 AND 747 Do Go-Around at Miami International Airport

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CLOSE CALLS!!! A380 AND 747 Do Go-Around at Miami International Airport 4.5

When landing, if the runway is not clear, an airplane will do a go-around and try again, when an american A321 took to long on the runway the Lufthansa A380 had to do a go-around and land again, the second airplane was unsure of his alignment with the runway when the British airways 747-400 did the go-around.

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That go around probably cost Lufthansa $5000 in fuel

Author — Travis k


Whoever was working tower control that day needs more training.

Author — Ryan White


Would love to have heard the voice communications between the aircraft and ATC personnel in the tower. At one time, we could get audio recordings of a/c to ATC, but my link I had got corrupted and I dismissed it.

Author — Waterburner Zero Six


No one noticed that bird getting launched at 2:19? (Better in slowmotion)

Author — F RoFer


747 And A380: I'm Gonna Do What's Called A Pro Gamer Move

Author — Danny Jarquin


Luck had no part in it. It was a perfectly normal procedure executed by excellent pilots and controllers - it may have made them slight late for their tea though.

Author — Abc Def


Man those Rolls Royce engines on that British Airways sound beautiful at 1:37

Author — As- Guardian Angel


The 747 still to this day sounds awesome!

Author — Cpt R1


This is why I will never understand the US system of being cleared to land before the runway is clear. In the UK landing clearance is given on short final if there is traffic ahead, and if so it's normally "continue approach, number 2" or similar terminology is used.

Author — ukaviationimages


Nothing close about it. They may have avoided a close call.

Author — bellboy407


Those A380s seem too big to even get off the ground, and yet they're beautiful flying machines.

Author — BoulevardFan28


That A320 is running away from the A380

Author — Syed Moinul Hasan


747 still takes the upper hand in the looks department.

Author — M.R Steengrei


Awesome compilation. Loved the American new color. 💙💙💙

Author — EL Aviation


Clearance to land for Lufthansa was premature, hence go-around instruction.

BA - no way of knowing from video

Author — WildlifeObsessed


There are several shows on "Aircraft Disasters"
that would non have been aired if the pilot had aborted the takeoff or laning.

Author — Duane Lunday


Used to live by the airport. You could hear those bird going over the house.

Author — One4All All4One


A lesson: "expedite takeoff" means get your ass airborne without delay. Seeing as though the jet stopped on the runway prior to takeoff, I'm sure company got a nice little call from Miami ATC about their pilot putzing on the numbers

Author — J.C. Nelson


Absolutely amaizing and thanks for sharing. From Jet Sppoting Melbourne team.

Author — Jet Spotting Melbourne


"You missed your stop" ! lol couldn't resist that line from the Fugitive. :D

Author — Agui007