3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner 2' Lift Install - Easiest Way To Install A Lift

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In this video, I show you how to install a 2" lift on your 3rd gen Toyota 4runner. I have another video on my 3-4" lift but I wanted to make a complete video for someone coming from a stock 3rd Gen 4Runner.

Check out my other video for other tips but I found this is the easiest way to install a lift.

Front Lift Parts:
Tundra TRD Coils

Optional (if not pre-assembled):

Rear Lift Parts:

1/2" 17mm 19mm Shallow Socket
17mm Open Wrench
Toyota Bottle Jack (check your rear passenger seat)
Block of 2x4 wood

Optional Tools:

Torque Spec:
Front Strut:
Top 3 Strut Nuts 47 ft/lb 14mm
Lower Shock Bolt 101 ft/lb 19mm
Strut Top Nut 18 ft/lb 19mm

Rear Shock:
Top Shock Nut 14 ft/lb 14mm (stock) / 17mm + 5mm Hex (Bilstein)
Lower Shock Bolt 47 ft/lb 17mm
End Links 14 ft/lb 12mm

Lug Nuts 83 ft/lb 21mm

Lift Options:

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One note for installing taller struts using the bottle jack method: I did this on my '97 when installing a Dobinsons 2" lift and a diff drop kit. After driving around a while I detected a lot of CV grease spattered around the front end, and it seemed to be coming from both inner CV boots. I assumed that the boots had torn from the slightly different angle so back up on the hoist and re-inspected. They were fine.

So what caused the problem? Well, what actually happened was a little more difficult to detect (but much easier to fix). When we hyperextend the drive components to shoe-horn the new struts in, the CV boots will "pull" upwards on the axle shafts. The shafts have a very subtle taper to them, so when the boots pull over that taper, they will stretch, along with the clamps. The easy fix is to just make sure to re-tighten your clamps once the tension is released from prying the two ends apart, and you're good to go.

Author — M L


Thats a nice clean 3rd gen. That frame looks perfectly rust free. I had a very similar set up on my 98, except that I had the Tacoma 5100s paired with the 99 (tall) springs up front set on the middle ring, with the OME 890s in the back paired with the FJ80 OEM Tokikos. If I may make a suggestion, get the diff drop for the front. My front was probably lifted no more than 1.75" from stock, and I tore 3 CV boots in a few years. Replacing CVs gets old fast. On the forums they'll tell you the CV boots will be fine without a diff drop until you get up to around 3" lift. But in my experience that's just not true.

Author — Philip Taylor


Just to add another tip here for everyone.

The sway bar end links are now to short after doing this lift. To remedy this you remove the stock FRONT links and reinstall them on the REAR as they are an inch longer. Then you buy new REAR links from a 1995 2nd gen 4runner to install on the front sway bar. They are close to 2 inches longer.

Author — Q lockwood


Great videos! You make it so easy to follow along! You should look into doing a sunroof replacement next. Can't seem to find a good "how to" video and would LOVE to have you do one. My motor works and it makes a click but I think the rails are all gunked up.

Author — Gary Damiano


Good stuff, again! I think you did another one of these for your ride, but I appreciate you doing another on your friend’s ride. I always learn something different on each of your videos.My 4Runner already had a lift when I bought it; however, I just happened to be checking around the other day, and I noticed the spring isolator (cone) is missing on both sides in the rear. How much of a problem do you think that is? I’m concerned because the spring basically has no “buffer” against the metal it is pressed against.

Author — El Jefe Slash


I'm looking forward to a PhoRunner timing belt and water pump video 🙏🙏🙏Kudos to the way you set up your videos. 👏👏👏I love the way you lay out all the materials beforehand explain everything clearly. Seriously, your videos are a gold mine for the third gen community!



Did my rears awhile ago and had a wonderful time getting the driver spring in because I used the 861 OME springs - WITH three people. This weekend, I am replacing all of my front end suspension. Thanks for the video :)

Author — 4x3Lander


Great video as always but do have a big fat question regarding my 01 4Runner. So far I've installed both the rear Bilstein 5100s and OME 906 coils but have recently started experiencing extra stress on my front shocks (and likely LBJs!). I'd like to go ahead and put the 5100s on the front but I'm unsure as to what coil I should use. I have a brush guard on the front so I'm leaning toward the OME 2883 (because of the extra weight) but have read the OME 2883's ride quality will be "extremely rough" unless enough front weight is added.

Also, there's a user review on the OME 2880 (on Amazon) that says the 5100 is not compatible with the OME 2880: "According to Bilstein you can not use the OME 2880 spring with Bilstein 5100 adjustable front struts because the spring is too tall and it keeps the strut maxed out and it causes the strut seal to fail. The Bilstein 5100 adjustable strut is only tested with and designed for the stock 4runner spring. I learned the hard way by causing my strut to fail and go to leaking." - Brent Robertson

Anyways, my current front springs seem to be in decent shape. Could I possibly take out the old spring and use the 5100s instead? (as mentioned in the comment above). Or do you suggest using the OME 2883 or even the 2881? P.S. I have not come across any other reviews that talk about the incompatibility of the 5100s with other OME coils.

Sorry for the long comment! Thanks in advance! Hope you've had a nice weekend :)

Author — Frant Dunlané


Excellent tutorial. I feel like I can do this job now. Thanks for the info!

Author — Get Lardy


Hi Pho,

Quick question, lifting 2” would cause any issues on a long trip? Do i need to get longer end links so we don’t get stretch on cv axles? I am going on a 2000 mile trip and wanted to know that should i keep it stock or put these strut shock combo?

Author — Zeeshan Tahir


What’s your thoughts on loosening the lower control arm bolts before installing the Front shocks and setting it back on the ground? I’ve heard that it tears the lca bushings but I hadn’t seen many take this precaution

Author — sevyn blanes


Hey man! Awesome video, I just had a question about the torqued weight and such. How do you make sure they're at the correct weight when putting nuts on lugs back on without an air gun or tools like that? I'm about to install a 2-inch lift with the Bilstein 5100s at home so I don't have air tools.

Thank you!

Author — Jacob Taase


Great video as always! Pretty sure this has been asked, but what size were the tires on Micheal’s 4Runner? They look a bit bigger than what I’m currently running

Author — MarfeeWarfee


Great video, super clear. Although I wonder how you tightened the top bolt on the rear shocks, it's the one thing I'm stuck on for several hours now.

Author — Bas Korsmit


You should totally keep doing videos for the 3rd gen guys. Awesome content.

Author — Regis Riley


Bottle jack for the win! Dude u made lifting the front look so easy. I live in the rust belt and my 4th gen was a nightmare but worth it. Jus got my first third gen super excited about it.

Author — Al Ale


New to the channel. I found it very informative and thank you for adding the torque spec. Looking forward to binge watching all your videos. Stay safe out there and stay cool. Aloha from Kansas

Author — Martin Quintana


Finally getting around to my lift have all rears ordered, but curious what to do for fronts. Either tundra coils like in this video, or with OME 883s in your other video, what did you prefer? And research on the two lifts? Thanks your videos help out a lot

Author — Scott Crump


Excellent guide, thank you! Any idea if this setup would work well with an aftermarket steel front bumper and front skid plate? (no winch). Would it be too much weight in the front?

Author — Rob Vigesaa


Such a good video! Wanted to do my 2001 4runner and this is going to help a lot!
Question?? for the front, you mentioned you assembled it yourself. Am I able to buy that exact set up preassembled? And if not, is it hard to assemble myself?

Author — Dallas Del Rosario