Akira Kurosawa Receives an Honorary Award: 1990 Oscars

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George Lucas and Steven Spielberg presenting an Honorary Oscar to Akira Kurosawa for accomplishments that have inspired, delighted, enriched and entertained audiences and influenced filmmakers throughout the world, at the 62nd Academy Awards. Introduced by Jack Valenti.

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"Talking of Kurosawa, a poignant tale: Stanley Kubrick received a fan letter from Kurosawa in the late 1990s and was so touched by it. It meant more to him than any Oscar would. He agonised over how to reply, wrote innumerable drafts, but somehow couldn’t quite get the tenor and tone right. Weeks went by, and then months, still agonising. Then he decided enough was enough, the reply had to go, and before the letter was sent Kurosawa died. Stanley was deeply upset.”

Author — @darthdj31


For those wondering, when the Academy announced they were giving an Oscar to Kurosawa, Spielberg and Lucas both insisted to present it as each idolized the man and so they got to do it together, good tribute to a man who inspired them both.

Author — @Anynom


My opinion is " Oscar receiving an honorary Akira Kurasawa"

Author — @ccjjcjj


"I dont think I understand cinema yet .."

Kurosawa said in an interview years later.
  "Everyone thought that was a joke,
But I don't really think I understand cinema "

Author — @ayakasayaka1399


Imagine that, Spielberg and Lucas bring you on to the stage in front of all of Hollywood and the rest of America's television sets and give you a special award they made just to celebrate you and your work. The entire academy along with your friends in Tokyo then sing happy birthday to you. Then you get up and say that you don't deserve it, but you will work hard so that one day you might deserve it. Also you're 80 years old. Kurosawa was one hell of a guy.

Author — @ThwartedVillainy


Tarantino in his 30s: I don't want to be an old director, I'mma quit soon.
Kurosawa in his 80s: I haven't quite gotten the hang of this yet.

Author — @xergiok2322


I'd never heard a speech that humbled every living director before that one. 

Author — @Jantonov1


Truly well deserves, and his modesty is all the more wonderful to see. I smiled throughout the whole video once I saw Kurosawa.

Author — @ThomasPollock95


I read that Kurosawa loved and admired American films over his native film industry, so I’m sure him sitting there while being presented by that time the most respected filmmakers in the world was a huge honor and full circle for him.

Author — @joerichmond76


This is the beauty and importance of art. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg looked up to Kurosawa like we look up to Lucas and Spielberg. Art is immortal

Author — @leftyfourguns


When Oscar's too small to express the greatness of an artist.
Kurusawa is the best director in the history of cinema

Author — @tarekfawzy61


As a true genius, he is also humble and knows that there is always room for perfection. Deep respect to him.

Author — @Artrocker86


As a Japanese, I am very proud of his films and achievements. And I believe his legacy has been inherited in many movies such as Star Wars series.

Author — @unomasjp66


Strangely very few understand the depth of influence this man had on World Cinema. He created, perfected, revolutionarised, improved and grew movie making as clever art form. A true Master! And the humility (a typical Japanese cultural trait) is endearing. Salute to this wonderful artist.

Author — @82easyrider


They better stand up and cheer for Kurosawa. Literally one of the five best filmmakers to ever put images to celluloid.

Author — @zachheller6681


I must confess.. I'm impressed with the Japanese interpreter? very calm and accurate. Also, what a humble speech! Kurosawa was the man!

Author — @heberthybr


Kurosawa, at the moment he was awarded that Oscar, did not comprehend that his movies not only inspired the creation of many big movies that had already hit the screen or were yet to come, but also influenced and still influences the cinema industry as it is today. He was one of the few visionary directors that took influences from important people of the past, like Shakespeare, and formed a new kind of movies resembling old Greek theatre plays, with the important part always being the characters and their actions consequenses, leading eventually to catharsis. So, did he really deserve his award? And... only one?

Author — @stefanostsougkranis5851


One of the greatest and the most heartwarming moments ever in the history of Academy Awards.

Author — @VernusFilm


Kurosawa, "I dont think I understand cinema yet.." wow..

Author — @suhasa9772


A richly deserved award to a true, artistic genius.  What a light he was to the cinema-going audience of the 20th century.  May his light shine for many centuries to come.  What a legacy he has left in his films, true art...

Author — @Thoth1024