Officials raise concerns over spread of the coronavirus during nationwide protests

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Officials raise concerns over spread of the coronavirus during nationwide protests 3

Health officials are raising concerns that the protests sweeping the country could increase the risks of spreading the coronavirus. If cases suddenly spike, city reopenings could be delayed. Mireya Villarreal reports.

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For a second i thought they used KSI as clickbait LMAO

Author — SpeedReviewsAnime


"Wear your mask and we should all be safe" throws tear gas. Everybody
uncovers their mask and coughs on each other


Author — AwesomeGuy772


so the officials were not concerned when they reopened the country...right, that makes a lot of sense

Author — Jay lennoon


Y'all were just about to open the country....

Author — Dez Sessomes


I feel like I’m living in some movie. America is really messed up.

Author — NoraLilli


Guy in the thumbnail looks like he’s finna pray to the spirit of the fallen hokage to give him strength

Author — No Mither, No Problem


so the signs that say i can't breath will take on a new meaning in a week week and a half

Author — Discord Chaos


We are in a living game of plague inc and you can't convince me otherwise

Author — Mike Marks


SpongeBob: "One week later.."

Author — Donald Duck


Damn I thought Juice WRLD was back when I saw the thumbnail.

Author — Morgan_Fucking_Freeman


Lowkey though JJ (KSI) was there till i remembered he has red hair

Author — Titanus Ghidorah


Me: *See's thumbnail*
Also me: Huh. Good on KSI for doing his part during protests! XDD

Author — Anthony Duran


As soon as someone asks about the Corona virus they start making news about it.

Author — Bob


I thought I was the only one that thought someone looked like KSI

Author — _Fìneśśe kid_YT


what happens if cases DO NOT spike, then we know the government has been jerking us around

Author — Ben Fitz


Covid19: looks like meats back on the menu boys 😈

Author — studio jibbly67


There are 2 sides to this:
One side: The virus is real
The other: The virus isn't real
They are being tested as we speak

Author — Yolpechara Lim


“Vaccine: A dose of hope” lmao I can’t 😂

Author — TuneIntoLove


We are living in jumaji, so far we are on the 5th roll. So far we have had contamination plague, killer bees, chaos around the world, and tiger escapes out of zoo, lets see what we get on the 6th roll...

Author — toilet paper rolls


Well if the cops are going to stand by and watch looters destroy everything I’m sure they’ll have no problem standing by as we all go back to work, right?

Author — David Bryner