Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Khan | Sohail Warraich | Aik Din Geo Kay Sath

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Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Khan | Sohail Warraich | Aik Din Geo Kay Sath 5

Get up close and personal with powerful personalities and influential individuals as GEO invites you to spend a day with politicians, film stars, musicians and athletes. Get to know the people behind the personalities on Aik Din Geo Kay Saath, with your host Sohail Warraich.

Every Saturday @ 07:30pm
Repeat: Sunday 05:30 am & 09:30 pm

Producer & Director :- Bilal Razzaq


💬 Comments

Nafees tabiyat khandani hone ki nishani

Author — shahab khan


Thousand time better then a politician, such a humble personality

Author — Shahbaz Khan


Baat Cheet Or Bolny Ka Andaaz Bta Raha h Ky y Log Nasliii Hn, Afsooos Sad Afsoos In Ky Sath Zulm Hoa

Author — Umair Minhas


پورا نسلی انسان ھیں
پرنس آف خیرپور
اسے انسان اگر پاکستان کے وزیر اعظم ھو تو ھم بھی دنیا پے آ جاے

Author — muddasar hassan


I have never seen such a humble personality in my entire life..

Author — Khayam Khizar


میں نے بہت سے انٹرویو دیکھے سنے ہیں لیکن ان صاحب کا انٹرویو سننے میں باقیوں سے 1000 درجے بہتر تھا بہت ہی خوبصورت اچھا انسان ہے پرنس آف خیر پور کیا خوبصورت انداز بات کرنے کا اصل انسان کی پہچان ثابت ہوتی ہے اس اچھے اخلاق سے ماشاءاللہ گریٹ مین
اللہ تعالیٰ ان کی تمام پریشانیاں ختم فرمائے آمین

Author — Sabahat Mughal


اگر نواب ایسے ہوتے ہیں تو ریاستیں ضرور بحال ہونی چاہیئں مگر احساس کمتری کا شکار کمی کمین سیاستدان نہیں ہونے دیں گے۔

Author — disttb 13


An extremely humble guy, m pleased that I watched this episode

Author — Waqas Arshad


Should be given back to his royal status, better then democracy so called

Author — Aaffi Gujjar


Very impressive person His highness.. Very humble personality.

Author — malik awan


Proud of You His Highness ❤️ Mola Slamat Rkhewa

Author — Ihsan Shah


Omg he is so humble and mannerisms just wow

Author — Royal R


This was deleted 3 times, after getting 1.4 million views. Glad to see it back having garnered over a hundred thousand in three weeks.

Author — AdilKhan8222


Aise bande ke hath me khairpur ki hukmat hoti to aaj khairpur Ka mustakbil Kuch aur hota

Author — Praveen Singh


Much Respect for his highness. Come from a similar background therefore completely understand his agony and disenchantment with the system.

Author — Raghunandan Singh


An amazing personality, what a humbleness, may Allah bless him with long life.

Author — Techbubble


What down to earth man.... God bless him... His NYC behavior shows that royalty belongs to blood not to money... Hats off

Author — sheraz ahmed


I wish partition wouldnt happen and accession wouldn't have taken place.

Author — Tanvir Khan


muhtram janab allah ap ko salamat rakhy ..bahot naeic insan hein ap .

Author — Asif Mehmood


I Love My City Khairpur Long Live Prince. You Are A Real Hero

Author — funforevery1