Scroll: (Don't) Spill the Tea

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Northern Stage presents Scroll: (Don't) spill the tea 
Written by Chris Sonnex
Performed by: Saida Ahmed, Tanya Loretta Dee, Zainab Hasan, and Aoife Lennon
The video includes audio description and captions.

1.54pm - to be experienced while boiling the kettle.

Whether its builders, chai, herbal or terribly made by a fancy barista. Drinking tea brews into our minds as a moment to relax, a moment to forget about or even reflect on the world, a communal joy.

In this audio play, we eavesdrop on four cousins zooming and spilling the tea, (metaphorically of course, no one wants to waste any.) Listen in to what joins all of them and the ritual of drinking tea together, their nan. Take 5 minutes out of your day, get a brew on and take a moment to stop and share in a moment of connection. 

Scroll is designed as the antidote to 'doom scrolling', a series of digital story interventions commissioned by Northern Stage, replacing the moments of mindless scrolling with tiny stories about us.

Scroll intro music credit: Beldina Odenyo Onassis - Heir of the Cursed

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Until we meet again gang ☕️& 👵🏾 gang! 💜. Loving the family vibes this has! I was performing amongst the best actresses! I'm so lucky! Love you all! Once again huge well done to everyone! Especially to my bro Chris👊🏽💜.

Author — Saida Ahmed