Pentagon briefing on Hurricane Florence

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Pentagon briefing on Hurricane Florence 4

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Can ANYONE ever remember a Pentagon briefing about a hurricane ever before?

Автор — Dona Harrell


“We are currently under attack by a evil hurricane!!!” 😱😱😱

Автор — Ha HaHa


They only care about the military bases in the storm's path...

Автор — Sonyag1


Follow The Commander in Chief ~ how scary is that?

Автор — Douglas Barton


The Pentagon is making a statement to try and present a professional credible face of the government in this serious event as Trump has blown it. Nobody believes what Trump says anymore so a different strategy has been required to provide some reassurance to the public.

Автор — Holly Hocks


The DOD has zero authority unless the states ask for help. It’s in our constitution, remember that document?

Автор — The Global Deception


The DOD has to be involved since the President is stealing FEMA money for Detention Centers aka: INTERNMENT CAMPS for entire families!! BE SAFE AND TAKE CARE TO ALL IN THE PATH OF FLORENCE!

Автор — Mary Ann Nelson


Was there two more hurricanes behind it?

Автор — Julie Lovestrees


Why the Pentagon got too do with the Hurricanes ? What’s going on ?

Автор — esther teixido


More intresting is Supreme Court nominee busted in sex scandal...thank you Dianne Feinstein

Автор — Jay payne


Hillary R Clinton wants you to blame this on Chelsea.

Автор — Hildebeast Clinton