HRM Interview : Human Resource Management : #MBA #Interview : MBA #HR Interview for fresher

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HRM Interview : Human Resource Management : #MBA #Interview : MBA #HR Interview for fresher 5
Human : refers to the skilled workforce in an organization.
Resource : refers to limited availability.
Management : refers how to optimize & make best use of such scarce resource so as to meet the organization goals & objectives.
#HRM is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, imparting training and development, appraising the performance of employees, deciding compensation and providing benefits.

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Do's and Don'ts of interview
(1) Remember that the interviewers are men of great experience. They are fully acquainted with the nature of the duty and qualities required of a person for the particular job. They can judge a person's worth and his capabilities from his words and expression.
(2) Give your best to the interviewers. Cover your weakness through the presentation of other achievements.
(3) Have sufficient confidence in yourself to evoke confidence in the interviewers.
(4) Remain unperturbed and composed and keep your interest throughout the interview.
(5) First listen very attentively and carefully to the question put to you. Then answer it in a natural and normal way.
(6) Adopt a pleasing manner of a speech.
(7) Follow the interviewers swiftly and grasp the new question to tackle it with maximum energy and interest.
(8) Feel pleased with your surrounding and be at your ease in the company of the interviewers.
(9) Develop your personality to suit the post for which you have applied.
(10) Be prompt without being hasty, quick without being aggressive.
(11) Establish a rapport with the interviewers.
(12) Emit vivacity and enthusiasm from yours looks and expressions.
(13) Be perfectly normal.
(14) Show pleasing and graceful manners, sufficient politeness and verve.
(15) Be smartly and soberly dressed.
(16) Gather adequate general knowledge before appearing at the interview.
(17) Tell frankly if you are not able to answer any question or questions, In case the interviewer or interviewers suggest the answer always show gratefulness to them by being nicely thankful to them.
(18) Try to show your interest in the job and never give the impression that you are only casually appearing before the interviewers.
Don'ts (by PD CLASSES)
(1) Do not appear nervous or shaky.
(2) Do not speak in an affected style.
(3) Do not try to unnecessary elaborate your answer.
(4) Do not interrupt the interviewers.
(5) Do not enter into an argument with the interviewers.
(6) If somehow you miss to listen a question you can request the interviewer to repeat it. Never answer a question until you have listened it well.
(7) Do not hesitate in answering questions.
(8) Do not show ill manners.
(9) Do not be shabbily or gaudily dressed.
(10) Do not look gloomy.
(11) Do not talk more than what is needed.
(12) Do not boast.
(13) Do not try to evade answering the questions.
(14) Do not be aggressive.
(15) Do not lose your balance or presence of mind.
(16) Do not try to bluff or confuse the interviewers.
(17) Do not try to flatter the interviewer.
(18) Do not put counter questions.
(19) Do not hesitate to show your ignorance if you do not know the answer to a question.
(20) Do not make unnecessary movements of any part of the body.

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It seems that she has mugged a book on hrm



She has mugged up entirely.. Communication skills not upto the mark. She is stammering badly..

Author — Kaveri RM


Great video as per my expectations MBA in HR offers an individual good growth and respect and there are few institutes who offer placements and give you paid internship opportunities.I learnt from my friend who has enrolled herself in RMS School which is in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences Chandigarh.They facilitate you with internships in top notch companies along with it impart practical skills essential to survive in competitive world.

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Very nice sir, I like to your interview videos, ,,any time supportive me, before I am getting to interview I see your video then support me and increase my confident level,
Thank you sir.

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She spoke well
And that guy (hr) he is wonderful ♥️

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This Video definitely will help me !
Thanks for creating such a great Video

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sir if you make a vedio on mechanical engineering fresher interview for any industry

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This girl needs to improve and work on her communication skills rest she is fine with contents and has good confidence level.

Author — Darshan Singh Bisht


gud learning experience for me from girl...

Author — Arpita mishra


Sir please make a video for HR interview at Hotel. because it is something like different, means it wants a candidate who is from the hotel background.

Author — Shivam Pandey


Great work, I really appreciate it. It's really helpful for the Management students for their interview preparation. You have coved a lot. I just wanted to watch this video only for a minute, but I could not stop myself to watch till the end. Really helpful, informative and interesting...👍

Author — Muhammad Jarjes


Very productive video and got lot of information about the course well everyone is in dilemma after graduation which course and which institute to go for as there are several institutes which offer courses but there is no placement assistance or practical skills given but one institute has all this that is RMS School Chandigarh which gives internship assistance, quality training and internship offers in top notch companies.

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I wanna attend 7th day's classes tell me about more how can I join you n wher is held is this where I get contact details to talk about

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Superb, really it is useful info about Hr interview..

Author — azeez f


Sir MS Excel par v interview questions puchiye

Author — priyanka singh


the questions u asking looks more like an exam question

Author — Archana Kurup


Very useful video. Thanks a lot for upload this. Pls use english only as some students like me cannot undertand the language which you guys are used. Thanks .

Author — fernandosth2


Can you please make a video on interview for food safety officer

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Great learning experience to me. Thank you sir

Author — gopalr88


Sir plssss rrb po ke interview ke liye aur videos bana dijiye...

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